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Luckily I won't have to daily this beaut during the Wisonsin winter (borrowing a car) so I'll be ab

[]Basir Khan

What's the winter beater?

[]Ben Giunta

My older brother's 2004 Santa Fe

[]Thomas Hisaw

I see nothing. So are we talking 91 Miata?

[]Ben Giunta

Yup, sorry, I'm new. Still figuring the site out.

[]Jaime C.

Your car is so clean. Cleaner than mine. I love my Xida's, though im sure the Fox coils are up to par. Why wouldn't you install the torsen?

[]Ben Giunta

With the current 1.6, I have hear changing to a 4.1 makes it extremely sluggish off the line because of the taller gearing.

[]Jaime C.

Ah I see. I changed to the even taller 3.9 but that is because I paired it with the 6 speed which has much shorter gearing than the 5 speed. Even still the gearing is very short. If I ever put any substantial power in it I would definitely consider the 3.6 rear end. I can't really give you a good before and after though because it started as an automatic.

[]Sammie Robertson

Sounds like you've got a busy spring 2018!

[]Ben Giunta

For sure! Time to learn how to actually work on cars.

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