131 HP
118 LB-FT
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
9ltr/100km MPG
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        Heres some info on the engine I lifted from wikipedia: The rare North American ES model came with the Miata's 1.8-liter twin-cam engine (though the internals were not entirely the same), all-wheel disc brakes, and dual stabilizer bars. The same car went on sale in Australia in the second half of 1994 with a fully featured  BP-ZE  engine. Most people say the Miata is slow and this is basically the same engine but with lower compression so if you find that slow you'll hate this. Everything is stock and I mean stock. Original gearbox, clutch, suspension etc nothing really ever needed replacing and i love that.  1st gear doesnt work unless youre completely stopped so you just adjust and trundle through in second. Interior overhead lights went years ago..you just use your phone torch if you need to read something. No rust or problems with bodywork (it doesnt snow in Australia) but it has sat outside in the rain for years.   I often think its a bit of a shitty car but then I might drive someones modern day buzzbox, like a girl im datings hyundai i30 or 'getz' and those cars are just miserable, sloppy crap and I realise that someone put a little bit of effort into the 323.  CHEAP it is too run. honestly - oil filter and oil, brake pads..tyres maybe, muffler does rust out but will take 5-10 years.   Its still from that era of cars before they worked out you can sell more cars by going crazy in the cabin with features and luxuries. so its spartan. Nobody gives a shit about your 323 ,I never get pulled over. millage. I put a full tank in 45.14 ltrs of regular 91 ron fuel, and that lasted exactly 500kms. So a full tank cost me $52.99 and did 500k's. The fuel calculator tells me thats 9lts/100ks. I saw a clamimed 7/100ks. either that figure is optimistic or my tired motor somehow is burning through a bit more fuel.  My push bike is worth more than this car. Coincidently My bike fits perfectly in the back seats sans front wheel and I drive up to the mountains reassemble the bike and go for a good ride. Weirdly I saw some other dude on instagram doing the same thing with his carbon bike and same car. My contingency plan has always been just to ride my bike if the car finally goes.  One day it'll die. And I will miss it very much. 

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