110 HP
135 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2865 LB
Engine Size
1.3 L
Transmission Type
5 speed MT
Top Speed
90 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
18.3 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
11 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
16.5 MPG

These are getting rare. I've never been to a SevenStock, but seen them online there. I had a chance to pick on up locally but seller decided not to. I found this one on craigslist in Monterey. I went to check it out. It was priced too high. It was running and had some paint, so that's worth something. A month later after I got my tax return it was sold yet so I went to pick it up. The price was also reduced. It was running so i decided I would drive it home instead of tow it. It's current non-op. The fuel gauge didn't work and neither did the Tachometer.  The best part is there was just a short open exhaust and rotary's are LOUD. I had no plates except for a temporary single-day-use pass from the DMV.  Driving a loud slow truck would attract attention. There was a hesitation mid throttle and WOT killed the motor. So i was driving even slower. At first it would start bogging, but if i was steady with the throttle it would drive well. I decided to hit the highway. After a while i was on the side of road having problems. I was driving on the shoulder, slow. Realizing I cant do more than 30mph or any hill I parked at a gas station. I phoned my grandma who is local for AAA advice. Her AAA couldn't tow it because I used up her towing last year on another broke down car.  I had to get to my grandmas house. I filled up with fuel. Test drove on a side street before hitting the highway again. The car was running much better now, it was just low on fuel.  I still cant get over the mid throttle hump or WOT. I was still accelerating slow but I can get up to 65mph. I ate a sandwich and grabbed some waters at my grandmas. Then drove over the hill.  It was a long drive because of traffic but at least I could drive slow. But I was loud AF. I'm sure motorists were annoyed. I pretty much droned home. Along the way I noticed it getting harder to shift between 4th and 5th. Eventually I would stay in 4th. I wonder how much oil is in the transmission. Oh well. I'll replace the transmission later. I was planning on it anyways. About 10miles from home the transmission blew up. I heard a clink clink clunk. The transmission locked up, stalled the engine and locked up the rear wheels. I was doing 65mph on the highway. I yanked my neck right, clear, yanked the wheel right and dove across a lane in front of a semi-truck, slide mostly onto the shoulder before stopping completely. Still had a corner into the lane. Hazards work. Called a local tow company and towed home. I had two weeks off work following so I had plenty of time to get a transmission from Pick-N-Pull. This truck has the smaller 12A engine, it originally had a 13B engine.  My plans are to replace the engine with a 13B from a RX7 GSL-SE with a sweet carburetor setup from Racing Beat. Right now I got exhaust parts from pick-N-Pull and welded those in. But I can tell I'll be needing the Racing beat setup in the future. The bench seat needs upholstery too. And the truck bed has a huge whole.   

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