I picked this up, November 1st, 2017. I found her at a local wholesale dealer. It's in remarkably good shape for being a MN van. I have found zero rust from my initial inspection. She's a 1-owner, I have most of the original paperwork that you would get from the dealer new. I've been able to back trace nearly all of it's history through the documentation. It was originally sold in Pine River, MN To a man named Robert G. Cretinon, age 67 on September 3rd, 1991. He went on to own it until he passed away April 12th, 2017 at age 92. Mr. Cretinon had served in the US Navy, used the van to travel between his residence in Pensacola, Florida and his place near Brainerd, MN. The van has two parking pass stickers on the windshield; Department of Defense, U.S. Naval Base, Pensacola FL. After Mr. Cretinon passed away, the van was inherited by his daughter Apryl, of Nowthen, MN. I assume the van had been in storage in northern Minnesota at her father's cabin because Mr. Cretinon had passed in Florida. And the last service receipt is dated August 9th, 2017. A service center in Princeton, MN. It had gone in for a tune up it seems. New radiator, coolant, new headlights, oil change.. Then Apryl and her husband must've decided to get a new vehicle, because the dealer where I had got it told me he'd gotten it from John Hirsch's Buick Chevy Chrysler Jeep RAM dealership in Cambridge, MN. From my understanding it was a trade in for a new Silverado. I have recently installed a set of factory 2005 Grand Caravan rims with some gloss black accents to help give a more modern appearance.

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