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New Englander, writer, photographer, IT extraordinaire and amateur mechanic.

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homepage tile photo for Roll bar installed
Roll bar installed

After a couple of weeks of struggling with fitment and just plain old free time I have finally inst

homepage tile photo for undefined

Frame Rail reinforcement installs are much easier with a buddy or longer arms than I have >_<

homepage tile photo for undefined

After months of the car sitting on jack stands I've finally had time to finish replacing the sway b

homepage tile photo for Transmission Fluid Change
Transmission Fluid Change

Although the "old fluid" didn't look like sludge, shifting is a lot smoother. Go figure? Of course

homepage tile photo for Radiator replacement halted
Radiator replacement halted

Finally got some more time and less oppressively humid weather to finish the radiator replacement a

homepage tile photo for Doggy time
Doggy time

Hanging with my Pitmix Fiona while I do some cleanup

homepage tile photo for That time I found something weird...
That time I found something weird...

Not everyday that you find a pair of very old sunglasses behind a Miata's tombstone center console.

homepage tile video photo for Start of a new long-term project
Start of a new long-term project

Post by Benjamin Cardoza...

[]Tobias Linder

Looking forward to this!

homepage tile photo for Fuel Filter done
Fuel Filter done

Ah, the good ol' pen in the fuel line trick.    

[]Tobias Linder

That is such a cheat. I have a 2001 NB and the fittings on the fuel lines effectively make this method useless. I had to swim in fuel for a few seconds while switching the filter. So much fun!

[]Benjamin Cardoza

Ah, bummer... the only reason I got a little fuel on myself is because I had a brain fart in the middle of the process and somehow forgot that gravity still applied :P