133 HP
114 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2293 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
29 MPG

With a job that sucks the energy and life out of me and a challenging home life combined with being a new father I occasionally feel that I need a little time and space for myself every once in a while... that's where this Miata comes in. On Craigslist I found this decent condition MX5 for not too much... considering its state especially in the rust belt of the US (aka New England). Besides the obvious escape from the realities of a life that has been less than forgiving for the last couple of years I decided I wanted to make a clean, but slightly-modded Miata. First and foremost I am restoring it, I have found evidence that the last two owners have more or less ignored this poor girl's needs and I feel that it is my duty to bring her back to better and happier days. In the process I will be teaching myself how to be more mechanically independent as I've owned enough cars in my lifetime that have needed thousands upon thousands of dollars of repairs over the years... no longer. First I will clean up areas of old build-up such as the Intake Manifold, remove and replace old parts such as fuel filters, radiator and fans as well replacing old cracking gaskets as I come across them. Eventually when I feel that the internals are sound and are newly replaced or cleaned I will begin the installment of more aftermarket and some performance parts. A better cooling system as well as air intake system will help the Miata's efficiency. Many other mods will follow... more to come soon.

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After months of the car sitting on jack stands I've finally had time to finish replacing the sway b

homepage tile photo for Transmission Fluid Change
Transmission Fluid Change

Although the "old fluid" didn't look like sludge, shifting is a lot smoother. Go figure? Of course

homepage tile photo for Radiator replacement halted
Radiator replacement halted

Finally got some more time and less oppressively humid weather to finish the radiator replacement a

homepage tile photo for Doggy time
Doggy time

Hanging with my Pitmix Fiona while I do some cleanup

homepage tile photo for That time I found something weird...
That time I found something weird...

Not everyday that you find a pair of very old sunglasses behind a Miata's tombstone center console.

homepage tile photo for Fuel Filter done
Fuel Filter done

Ah, the good ol' pen in the fuel line trick.    

[]Tobias Linder

That is such a cheat. I have a 2001 NB and the fittings on the fuel lines effectively make this method useless. I had to swim in fuel for a few seconds while switching the filter. So much fun!

[]Benjamin Cardoza

Ah, bummer... the only reason I got a little fuel on myself is because I had a brain fart in the middle of the process and somehow forgot that gravity still applied :P

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