Curb Weight
3,000 LB
Engine Size
2.8 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual

I got this from a member of Celicasupra.com in August of 2016 who is moving on to another project. He had this car for 10 years, and took his girlfriend to prom in it while he was in highschool. They both were there when they reluctantly signed the title over to me, and I ensured them that I'd send them pictures as I worked on restoring this SDR '86 Celica Supra. So that's the plan. It came with a lot of great aftermarket parts, so it's a great candidate for a restomod. The car will soon be stripped down to the bare metal for rust repair, chassis reinforcement, and a fresh coat of SDR. Interior will be next and then, finally, the heart of the build will come to fruition. This Supra will soon be powered by an ITB'd 2JZ-GE.

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