188 HP
Curb Weight
about 900 LB
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
a loooot MPG
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        Sooo,  This is not "my" car but my father's one ^^ We got it for 3 years now. He let me drive it a few times and I was mindblown every time.  It's a 3.0L (flat six of course) making 188 bhp. It is fitted with a hand-made exhaust on it (LOUD !) The gearbox was restored last year and the engine had a complete revision the month before we bought it. We experienced few issues with, we had to change one all cylinder and we had a problem with the door.  Anyway it's a really really fun car to drive, smooth gearbox very strong acceleration and hard steering ! It really makes you feel you're driving it, not like new electric-fully assisted cars today ! Love it sooo much !

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