395 HP
326 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3,000 LB
R200 LSD
Engine Size
5.7 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
160 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
13 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.7 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
16/24 MPG

I bought the car in March of 1992 in Fort Worth, TX.  At that point it was 15 years old and had just rolled over 100K miles.  It was a "California Edition" which meant it had a catalytic converter.  It had a white exterior, brown interior and gold chrome wheels.  It was an almost rust-free car and, except for needing some minor brake refreshing, was a ready-to-drive original car.  I drove the car as my work commuter from 1992 to 1997 when I replaced the springs, installed new shocks, put the MSA Aero II ground effects kit on it and had it painted the1997 Cadillac Eldorado pearl red with the white racing stripe.  Soon after that I replaced the 14" wheels and tires with Centerline 16x7 wheels and 225/50-16 tires. I continued using it as my daily commuter until 2002 when the car went into the Johns Cars shop in Dallas to have an LS1, T-56 and 3.70:1 R200 LSD installed.  I bought a 1983 280ZX to be my daily driver while the car was in the shop for 14 months.  During that time, Johns Cars developed a components kit so that anyone could convert a Datsun S30 over to LS power.  A few years later in 2004 it went into an upholstery shop for the full leather interior and the sound system.  In 2005 I got the opportunity to run the car a Texas Motor Speedway along with 14 other cars for a "Driver Education Event".  It was hosted by Panoz and enable me to have four 30 minutes sessions running as fast as I felt comfortable on the track.  What a great time.  Right after that I upgraded the braking system on the car. In 2006 we moved to Washington state and the car started spending several months a year in the garage out of the weather.  I also added to my fleet of vehicles and it ended up being driven less.  I have been able to get a little quarter mile track time along with a little autocross and a hillclimb event since coming to WA.  A year ago I upgraded the suspension with components from Techno Toy Tuning and it is now getting the exterior lighting upgraded to all LED, except for HID headlights.  The car continues to be a blast to drive and now has over 240,000 miles on it, 37,000 since the LS1 was installed.

Discuss this build

[]Christopher Allen

Gorgeous, I've always loved old Zs.

[]Erik Cull

Beautiful Z! What I wouldn't give for a clean one to wrench on...

Complexion*** Sorry, but I had to.

[]Mike Ocampo

Nice build! Race you! :P

[]Kit Lau

DOPE!!! I love Zs and this is is just killer.

[]Ryan Brenner

Damn, ProLeather did a great job with those seats, They must have done the door as well. The things looks awesome! I could only imagine if feels like a supercar from the inside! And with the LS1 on a 3000lb car is probably drives like one as well!

[]Harrison Howard

I doubt it is even 3,000 lb, my 240z weighs about 2,300lb.

[]Bill Davis

Actually it has been scaled at 3,000 Lb with 3/4 tank of gas. 280's are heavier than 240's and this one has had a lot of work done to it that added weight.

[]Andrew Johnson

Great color choice!

[]Max Summers

Very nice, love that color.

[]Andrew Johnson

Hi Bill, we can't edit it for you, but you can. At the top of this page after the 1977 Datsun 280Z there is a button with 3 dots. Click that and then select Edit Vehicle Type. Then just reselect the same Make, Model, Year and Trim from the pull down menus. When you choose the new Trim level that should override the existing text thats in there now.

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