315 HP
330 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3500 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
4.6 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
149 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
18.4 avg MPG
5.0 Sec

UPDATE May 2018: 91k miles (yes, I drive way too much) Guys, I found the clunk!!!!!!!!!! Loose pan-hard bar bolt. I know, so simple right? I was under the car many times grabbing parts and reefing on them, trying to find something loose. It never felt loose, but when I went to undo the passengers side bolt was way to easy to take out. Now its torqued down, no clunk. So nice. Now its time to start thinking about suspension upgrades. With 91k on the clock the original shocks are getting a little low on damping (like they had much to begin with). And the whine. Oh man its getting annoying. So I put in the stock LCA's during my quest to fix the clunk, and guess what? No change in the whine. And after thinking about it it isn't the gears, because when I had them replaced the whine sound never changed. So, I think at this point I'm going to have to take ol' Nellie in to the Mustang pro's to have a look. I'm thinking driveshaft center bearing, or maybe axle bearings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE Jan 2018: Wow, its been a while. Car is still going strong. just passed 85k (yes I drive a lot!!!!) She is a road warrior. Lately I have been trying to track down a rear end clunk. I am pretty confident it was the upper control arm. When I replaced it the clunk got 95% better. But I forgot the anti-clunk washers in the new UCA, so I bet thats the issue. I haven't been back under the car to get those installed yet. And gear whine!!! Ever since I put the new lower control arms on ages ago I have been able to hear gear whine. Its really getting annoying. I know performance parts increase NVH, but this is nuts. I think I am going to swap in the stock ones for the winter and see what its like. I love the way the BMR LCA's make the rear of the car feel planted, but the noise is getting too much. 3.73's whine more than others I have heard, and I had the rear end rebuilt and the noise didn't chance, so its not just bad gears or something. But, with all that, one step on the gas and the smile returns to my face!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE Feb 2016: I LOVE THIS CAR!!! If I'm mad, I drive the car.  If I'm sad, I drive the car. If I'm happy, I drive the car.   If I'm stressed out, I drive the car (Oh man, does she relieve stress well!!!!).  Her name is Nasty Nellie.  Not quite sure how this happened but the name has stuck.  She now has new tires and LCA's.  Man what a difference tires and an alignment can do.  No more pulling through ruts, and I gained almost 1 mpg.  She goes like a stuck pig now.  These tires grip in the wet better than the P-Zero's did in the dry (mind you the P-Zero's were original, so 5 years old and 40k miles). It has been raining a lot here in Seattle so I don't have any impressions on dry grip but shit, in the wet I am shocked at how far it can be pushed. The car is a blast and puts a smile on my face every time I turn the key. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got my GT in August 2015.  Only had 29,000 miles.  1 owner local car.  I think the original owner babied it because the first few times I got on it I blew out some carbon. Came with 3.73's and the appearance package (Side vents, louvers, deck lid appliqué) and stripes.  I'm gonna drive it for a while stock and see what I would like to start upgrading first.  I would love to get on the auto cross course soon. Future mods list: - getting rid of the Pirelli tires (tramline like crazy in WA) - JLT Intake and tuner - Plastidip rims black - New shift knob - MGW shifter

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[]Dave Roberts

Sweet ride! Some mild lowering springs will work wonders for handling and looks.

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