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Okay I need some help here please comment down below. I have an old Chrysler horizon I was planning

[]Antoni Dabrowski

This is pretty sick. The amount of power in a car that small would be crazy. Is it FWD or RWD? You have a lot of options. I know K swaps are awesome if it fits. For more torque and grunt I know the J motor is popular in miatas. With some handling upgrades(if they exist) it'd be amazing but I can't see it being easy considering it'll be almost all custom work.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Honestly, that would probably be a pretty sweet setup. That engine doesn't look like it would take up a whole lot of space and it probably makes decent power. That being said: there's probably going to be quite a bit of work and custom fabrication involved but if you're willing to put in the work then you'd certainly have something unique on your hands and I'm sure you'd surprise quite a bit of people when all they see is your tail lights.

[]Chris Dirkschneider

This could be.... interesting! Waiting for decisions and updates!

[]Ernie Szots

To Chris' point, interesting is usually fun.

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Part wanted


I’m looking for parts for an 03 tiburon

[]Brandon Philpotts

Don’t waste money on that car