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Co-owner and operator of Nor Cal Drag Racing.


Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there...I'll tell you how I became the prince of Wheelwell

Blaine Callaway125 days ago

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Blaine Callaway196 days ago

I bolted on the new aFe Mach Force cat-back system yesterday. The fit and finish were excellent and I was a simple install. It has a nice mellow sound and is just slightly louder than stock, which is perfect for me. It did not give me a seat of the pants/butt Dyno increase, but I did not really expect it too on a Ford 3.0. I was hoping for an increase in hill climbing ability, which it actually gave

Blaine Callaway198 days ago

I've had the shifter in for almost a week now. It's completely changed how the truck feels and I love clicking through the gears. The only thing I have a problem with is that Hurst did not build a vent into the shifter. The OEM shifter has a vent groove built into it which releases pressure from the transmission. You actually have to cut a vent into the mounting plate or it will cause your transmission to leak. Despite

Blaine Callaway206 days ago

And another little goody for the Ranger. I didn't plan on purchasing this but notices Jegs was offering a $50 mail-in rebate on Hurst products. The rebate expired on 02/28/18, so I caught it just in time!


[]Kit Lau

install it and take a pic!

[]Dwight Callaway

It should be delivered tomorrow! I'll definitely take some pics.

Blaine Callaway207 days ago

I just pulled the trigger on a stainless cat-back system from aFe. Full 409 stainless with a stainless polished tip. I chose this exhaust because of the price and materials. It's not a brand I've ever used before so I'm pretty excited to try something new and different than Flowmaster or Magnaflow. CarID price matched for a total of $115.00 discount. I highly recommend shopping through CarID.

Blaine Callaway265 days ago

New pads and rotors on the ranger!!!


[]Robert Sixto

Nice work, that's a bit more involved than a typical brake job it seems.

[]Dwight Callaway

Yeah, it's very involved! The rotor is actually part of the hub assembly. So I removed the old hub/rotor, repacked the bearings with new grease and reinstalled. Every brake job I've done before this truck was just a rotor that fit onto the hub assembly. It was definitely a learning experience.

[]Robert Sixto

Yep, I recognized it and remembered doing that when I was in tech school. I don't think I've had to do one like it since then!

[]Hayden Baker

Love the look of new, clean rotors

Blaine Callaway268 days ago

Pulled the cam and it is completely ruined. I'll need a regrind or a new cam, but luckily they are cheap to come across. I'll also need new rocker arms. I've heard you can have them resurfaced, but I've also found g180 rocker arms NOS for dirt cheap. Today I'm going to pull the head and see what the cylinders look like. I've got one stuck head bolt that's been rounded off, so I'll have to use a bolt

[]Nicholas Koenig


Blaine Callaway273 days ago

Luckily I had a random bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil in my tool shed, so I put the whole bottle in the spark plug holes and into the engine itself. I haven't been able to turn the engine over with the crank shaft bolt yet, but I'm hoping letting this thing sit for a couple days with that oil in it will break some of the gunk down.


[]Nicholas Koenig

I've seen Walmart have the large jugs of Marvels Mystery oil for cheap all the time. If you need more I would def check there.

[]Dwight Callaway

Ha! Good tip! I may need more for this project. I'll make sure to take a trip to Wally World.

Blaine Callaway274 days ago

Picked up this 1979 Chevy LUV 4x4 today. Previous owner said he put a rebuilt engine in it, but let it sit. Since then, the engine seized up. Got it home, pulled the valve cover, and saw the engine is freshly rebuilt; however, it sat and rusted throughtout and it won't turn over. I'm thinking about rebuilding the engine and getting it running as stock. It's an Isuzu 1.8 4 cylinder. If anyone has any experience with these engines,


[]Yves Vds

Why not do an engine swap? Wouldn't that be more worthwhile than rebuilding this engine?

[]Stephanie Mesa

😍love it

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[]Jim B342

I would suggest taking the time to tear the motor down. Since its rebuilt it should be in great shape but without oil in critical areas, it could be damaged due to lack of oil, especially at the main bearing and cam. It all depends on your budget and how much time you have. I would probably just start and pray after oiling down the cylinders and soaking the valve train too, but I'm more of an off-road guy that would project the truck for that beating. Good luck and have a great time.

[]Dwight Callaway

Luckily a rebuild kit with new pistons and camshaft is only $260.00, so that's a definite possibility. I guess the only thing I'd need to worry about is the main. I could always have them resized .10. Same with the cylinders.

[]Jim Blandford

If there's. 010 available. It's already been rebuilt, so. .if you're keeping, rebuild. If you're selling?

[]Dwight Callaway

I'd like to rebuild and keep for a bit. Maybe sell it down the road. Yeah, I'm not sure if I could size up .10. I'm a small block Chevy guy, and those are like Legos. You can do anything to them. I wish I didn't live in California, because the smog laws keep me from swapping in a different engine.

[]Randall Putman

My Dad used diesel and put in the cylinder hose let it sit for a few days. A lot of times that would work

[]Dwight Callaway

I'll try this in addition to atf if it doesn't work! Haha

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[]Levi Crews

Normally LUVs just don't do it for me, but this one is miles better than any I've ever seen. Good job on getting this! Hope you get it on the road soon

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[]Wilson Oberholzer

Looks like a lot of fun especially being the 4x4. I've always liked the s-series trucks so seeing the predecessor of them is definitely cool to me.

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Blaine Callaway275 days ago

While I know 4 wheel drive is preferable to 2 wheel drive when leaving pavement, I'm stuck with my 2 wheel drive pickup, so that's what I use for camping and exploring fire trials. Has anyone here used traction aid boards to get themselves unstuck from mud in a 2 wheel drive pickup? I've never put myself in a position to get stuck, but the more time I spend off road, the braver I get. Hahaha


[]Sac Car Scene

I could use a set of these for my 4x4. They look light weight.

[]Dwight Callaway

One day I'll get them and I'll post a review on here. Hahaha

[]Robert Sixto

I never off road, but funny enough remember one time that might have helped me. I got my 6 stuck in the alley behind my house one winter. We had gotten several inches of snow, and in Chicago they generally don't plow the alleys. But the 6 has AWD, and there were pretty well packed tire ruts already worn into the snow, so I figure no problem. Well I proceed to pound down that alley like a WRC champ, grinning the whole way, until I reach about 3/4 of the way through. I get stopped like I slammed the brakes and can't move. Spent 20 minutes trying to rock/finesse it out, shovel the snow away, and nothing.... Doesn't budge an inch. After I shovel all the snow away from each tire, I soon realize all four are actually hovering about an inch above the now clean asphalt! The car was actually bottomed out on the high center section of the rut!

[]Dwight Callaway

That's amazing! At least you had a lot of fun with it!!!!!! Did you break anything after high centering it?

[]Robert Sixto

Fortunately nothing was broken. I had to eventually pull it out with a Toyota 4runner lol

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I have not, but I don't off road. I know there are places in the country that have a pretty big prerunner (RWD offload vehicles) scene, which is exactly what you are referring to. For instance, taking pre-runners out onto the dunes outside of Coos Bay, OR is totally a thing. Here's a bit from Jalopnik on the scene: I'm sure some of the prerunner guys would have some good answers for you!

[]Dwight Callaway

That's an awesome article! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll have to reach out to one of those communities.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

There's some guys on WheelWell doing some fun things too! Maybe one of them has your answer?

[]Gregory Garoppolo

You're welcome! Be sure to let us know how that works out for you!

[]Sebastian Nounou

Plank of wood and a rope....

Blaine Callaway286 days ago

Hit 90,000 miles in the Trans Am today. #transam #pontiac #lsnation #ls1


[]Ernie Szots

Looks like a super clean example. Just great.

[]Dwight Callaway

Thank you!

Blaine Callaway314 days ago

Went for a little drive down to Lake Oroville. It was empty and I hiked to the bottom with @skippercait. What did you guys and gals do with your car today!? #lsnation #pontiac #transam #carcouple #dailydriven

Blaine Callaway315 days ago

@skippercait showing off my @wheelwell decal. #lsnation #pontiac #transam #stock #carcouple #dailydriven #grocerygetter

Blaine Callaway319 days ago

Got stopped by the good old California Highway Patrol because my driver's side pop-up headlight doesn't work anymore. The officer told me my headlight wasn't working and to hurry home before it got too dark out. Super nice guy!!! What are your "good cop" stories?


[]Kit Lau

I was going down the mountains on the I-80 two years ago. Wasn't paying attention to how fast I was going, and of course, a cop was waiting at the bottom of a declining hill and as soon as i heard the siren and saw the lights, I knew I was like oh shit! looking down on my speedometer, I was going well over 95. I pulled over immediately and told him I know i was speeding blah blah and didn't even try to fight it. So the CHP gave me a ticket for 75 over 65 instead of my actual speed because I had no "records" and it was my first speeding ticket lol.

[]Basir Khan

I'm guessing it wasn't in the Prius since they're practically invisible to any type of enforcement.

[]Kit Lau

you're correct, i was in the mini bus

[]Craig Crall

I find the CHP to be pretty reasonable overall, cant say the same about other states. I've seen the CHP help countless motorists over the years; luckily, I never racked up too many tickets and when they did pull me over, I'm positive I deserved it.

My good cop story dates back to when I was a kid and my mothers car had stalled with a dead battery. A Santa Clara county sheriff pushed us with his car down a local road until my mother was able to bump start our car.

[]Basir Khan

I've only been stopped once. Was coasting downhill at 45 in a 30. Cop asked if I had any points, I said no. He ran my license and registration, told me to slow down and let me go.

Blaine Callaway323 days ago

It's finally time to replace my pop-up headlight motor gear. It's been making a grinding noise since I purchased the car, but it finally went out. Now I'm driving down the road winking at people!

Blaine Callaway340 days ago

Can anyone tell me what size my pictures should be? I uploaded photos of my Trans Am but they don't fit and you can't see the entire picture. 


[]Andrew Johnson

That one fits nicely! Always loved the rear ends of these!

[]Ernie Szots

For Wheelwell, I've uploaded mine at original size. For the Yaris forum I'm on, I resize them to a width of 840 pixels.

Blaine Callaway368 days ago

When Cait makes me hard boiled eggs and leaves creepy/cute notes on them.

Blaine Callaway376 days ago

Is there any way to see people who are close to your location? 


[]Robert Sixto

Oh wow, I didn't realize this was gone. Definitely should come back, it was the first thing I did when I created my account.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Hi Dwight, unfortunately we don't have a search by location anymore. It's something that we have on the list of features to consider bringing back.

[]Remington Dwehus

Please bring it back man, that would be aqesome for car meets, track days, and mud bogs and stuff like that

[]Dwight Callaway

Thanks for the reply! I was thinking it would be cool to set-up local car meets with. I look forward to future updates.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

That makes total sense and we're also looking at how to better support events as well. Keep the feedback coming!

[]Robert Gaskins

You might can search your location in the search bar and fine local ppl

[]Alex Nadolski

First lets fix being able to search for anybody at all! Great app but needs work, definetly a good idea though

Blaine Callaway404 days ago

The finest fiancee and the coolest cat. I absolutely love my life.

Blaine Callaway443 days ago

Building a mini-house with my boo @skippercait

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