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The beauty of Alaska was breathtaking. Being able to see aerial vantage points really put the vastness into perspective. We are fully certified via Part 107 for Commercial Drone Flight so please don’t hesitate to contact us about any future aerial media needs you might have and check out this awesome highlight reel.

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Take some time to explore some of our favorite moments captured on film over the past several years. Contact us for your professional media needs at

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We capture all sorts of random things on film by accident. We threw our GoPro on the windshield of an STI at a recent rally event; 20 mins later it captured this. For any licensing requests please contact

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We headed up to Jason's Pro Detail (JPD) to cover his Open House event. Plenty of folks came out in all sorts of cars to show their support and back up his amazing professional detailing work. Learn more at: Music: Noah Yount - Bradley Nowell Trenchtown Rock Remix

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BLK ELK Media recently covered the Arkansas Gumball Rally. This is that event through our eyes and ears. Turn up the volume or throw in some headphones! Despite our best efforts, we were not able to recover over 60% of the footage due to a hard drive failure. This video is a culmination of the remaining shots. With that being said, not every moment or vehicle is represented here and we apologize for that. Music by:

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A Factory Five Cobra with an original 427 - Brian's Cobra is one clean piece of machinery. Follow @fortheloveofauto on Instagram for more automotive features. Music: Thief - Can

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Here is a taste of the sounds of the AR Gumball Rally. Plug in your headphones or turn up your surround sound.

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Stage 15 flyby of SRT's number 75 car piloted by David Higgins.

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We hit up some local spots for an evening photoshoot with Cecil and his WRX STI. Music: Dum Dum - Tedashii (feat. Lecrae)

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We did a ride along with Motorsports Authority as they convoyed down to the Lonestar Throwdown in Conroe, TX. They brought along several of their SEMA builds to the event which made for plenty of broken necks and double takes along the way. Check our Motorsports Authority here: Music: Drop of Water in the Ocean - Broke for Free

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We were lucky enough to spend a limited amount of time with this freshly imported R32, so we decided to take it down a dirt road. Music: Most of Us (Clean) - Wiz Khalifa

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A sneak peak of Scott's Genesis 5.0 in its current form. More to come! Music: Ship Wrek & Zookeepers - Ark

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We spent one evening capturing the process of creating edible art at the Pressroom in Bentonville. Song: Untitled (Live) - Lusine Licensed through Ghostly Songs, LLC Shot using: Canon 5dmk2 Canon 7d Canon 35mm f/1.4L Canon 14mm f/2.8L Canon 85mm f/1.8 DJI Ronin Gini Rig Slider

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This past holiday season we had a chance to cover the Holiday Hoon Express Rally from Fayetteville, AR to Kansas City, MO. Fast cars, good people, and amazing experiences. Music: Mazde - Kuwait Bee's Knees - Fidoober Cunninglynguists - Heart (Instrumental) marshmello - SuMmer For more information on the Express Rally visit: Visit our webpage:

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Here is a brief reel of our 2015. Huge thanks to all of our clients. Looking forward to what adventures 2016 has in store. Music: Origins - Disguised as Heroes

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3 days. 700 miles. 40 teams. We grabbed all our gear and headed deep into the back roads and scenic highways and byways of the Natural State for the inaugural running of the Arkansas Gumball Rally. Like and Subscribe for more great content! To learn more about the rally visit: Music by D.A.H. Check out more of their amazing tracks here:

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