Driver of the Week: Monique Chadwick

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What kind of car do you drive? How’d you end up with it?

I drive a Lava Grey 2008 Audi A3 8P, I had a Mk4 VW Golf previously. I love German cars so I ended up searching for another VW but fell onto the Audi category and before I knew it I was looking at A3s!

What’s the next mod for your ride?

My next modification is a full front end conversion. I currently have car parts all over the house. I’m facelifting the Audi which includes changing the fenders, hood, headlights and bumper so the new front bumper I have fits! I’m going the long way around it but it’ll be worth it in the end!

What’s your favorite part you have purchased for your ride?

So far my favorite purchase for the Audi would be the Airlift 3P on Performance struts.

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies other than cars are singing and modeling.

What was your first car? What happened to it?

My first car was a Mk4 Golf, got bored of it! Would’ve upgraded the car earlier on but I moved out and with rent and bills, I didn’t have much spare money!

What’s your dream car?

My dream car would be a BMW E30 M3!

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  1. I won’t go to the M3 from the Audi.. The A3 is such an incredible ride and you have done an incredible job with the mods…I have tracked my neighbors A3 and it has a similar suspension as yours. It’s like riding on rails… Great looking car!!!!

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