Introducing Visual Vehicle ID

We’re constantly innovating to create the best platform for aftermarket product discovery. As the needs of the modding community grow, we evolve to meet those needs. With our latest iteration of Wheelwell for iPhone, we’re introducing Visual Vehicle ID, a super quick way to learn more about a car you see on the street.

Leveraging artificial intelligence visual recognition algorithms, we can now visually identify most US model vehicles, 1990 or newer. Simply snap a photo of a ride you see on the street (or upload from your iPhone’s camera roll) and in a matter of seconds, the app will search our database of over 18,000 vehicles to find a match. The search results will tell you the make and model and provide its specifications including horsepower, torque and displacement.

The results also display top builds of similar rides so you can see what all the modding community is up to with that model.

Want to know the best mods people run on this model? We’ve got that covered, too. We show the most popular products based on ratings and reviews across several different categories such as brakes, exhaust and wheels & tires.

We’ll be adding more vehicles to the database soon with the goal of being able to identify every car on the planet. We have other big plans for this tech too, so stay tuned!

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