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Before coming here, I didn’t know much about Guinea. I knew the WHO had declared it Ebola free only a few months prior to my visit, and I knew it rains a lot. (It does!) That’s about it.
What I didn’t know is that Guinea has enormous mountains, spectacular waterfalls and extremely friendly people, all things that make this a fantastic place to spend some time.

I also didn’t know Guinea has the best hiking in West Africa.

Tiny huts used by the field workers

I wind my way along a bumpy mountain road, perched on a ridge top and arrive at the tiny village of Doucki, which is really just a collection of houses from a couple of different families. I meet friendly Hassan and his brother who have been guiding visitors on these signature hikes in the surrounding mountains and canyons for over a decade.

They laugh at my question about the rain
“We hike anyway!”

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