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While hiking through a rice field at the base of a small mountain overlooking a nearby town a local man spots a snake. It turns out to be a cobra, a bite from which I am told is deadly. Many local farmers are killed by these snakes, and everyone is clearly terrified and keeps their distance until it moves off the path of it’s own accord. It did stand up and frill out it’s neck, though I was too slow with my camera to get that. Sorry 🙁

Cobra on the path

I continue to find beautiful waterfalls around every turn, and mercifully the nights continue to be cool thanks to the elevation. The rain has not let up one bit, though at some point I just gave up and lived to learn with the perpetual state of drenched I find myself in. My camera keeps getting damp, I really hope the lenses do not get moldy.

Spectacular mountain views

Yet another waterfall

Everywhere I go people are extremely friendly, smiling widely and inviting me in for tea or coffee. Tea is regular black tea as we think of it, served in a tiny cup with about 10 spoonfuls of sugar and optimally powdered milk.
Coffee is all instant (some people just call the drink “Nescafe”), very strong and is also served extremely sweet. It’s strange to drink a few steaming hot cups of coffee at 11am when the temperature is already 90 or 95F, though the locals seem to think it’s perfectly normal. I often leave a village with a coffee buzz.

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Dan Grec has set out to drive his Jeep Wrangler for 2 years and 80,000 miles in a circumnavigation of the African continent, solo.

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