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Guinea, as far as I can tell, is a land made for waterfalls. With huge rocky mountains, immense rainfall (it’s capital Conakry is second in worldwide rainfall only to the capital of neighboring Sierra Leon) and the beginnings of all the mighty rivers of West Africa. Virtually every valley contains waterfalls impressive enough that anywhere else in the world there would be viewing platforms, safety fences and hordes of tourists. Here in Guinea, there is only very narrow jungle/mountain tracks and endless wilderness, occasionally populated by a small village of friendly people. Safety fences are nowhere to be seen, and I love hanging my toes over the edge 🙂

The bridge is ooouuuuuut!

I make it a mission to visit ever more remote falls, which offer great places to camp for free, and a chance to add some pinstripes to the side of the Jeep on the narrow tracks. Sitting at a roadside restaurant eating the now staple of “rice with sauce”, I’m a little shocked to see kids playing with an empty cardboard box with “Gift of Canada” printed on the side. Nobody here can read English, so they have no idea what it says. I gather the contents of the box have been used in the village.

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Dan Grec has set out to drive his Jeep Wrangler for 2 years and 80,000 miles in a circumnavigation of the African continent, solo.

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