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One of the hardest things for a startup is choosing where to spend your time and money. There are no clear answers without experimentation, and the process is often messy and confusing for users of your product. We want to do a better job being transparent about what we’re working on and why we make certain things a priority, while others are lower on the to-do list. We believe listening to user feedback is one of the best ways to gauge how we’re doing, so this blog (which is a direct request from users) is also an experiment. If it provides clarity and enables constructive feedback about how to make Wheelwell better, then we’ll happy update this weekly.

We’ll maintain two lists here. One of upcoming features that are in the works, and a list of significant bugs and incomplete features that we’re aware of. This is by no means a complete list (we do a lot more in a day that’s just not sexy enough to talk about) but we’ll try and hit the highlights. Hopefully the bug list lets you know you’re not alone in having an issue and that we have it on our radar to fix, while the new feature list will give you insight into the direction of the platform.

Items with a strikethrough have been released/fixed and are in general order of priority. Think we missed something? Comment below!

Upcoming Features

  1. All-new Newsfeed that shows content based on your interests and people you follow
    1. Will display similar vehicles and products based on what’s in your garage [3/28/17]
    2. Filters to sort by latest, most popular post
    3. An “interests” menu to adjust what types of content you want to see in your Newsfeed [3/30/17]
  2. A new WYSIWYG post composer for making new wall posts about your vehicles, parts, and other activities
    1. You’ll be able to make a new post specifically about one of your vehicles and it will show up on your vehicle page so you’ll always have a history of your projects, think of it like a dedicate blog for each of your vehicles [2/17/17]
    2. Your new posts will also show up in your Follower’s Newsfeed and for people who don’t follow you, but have similar interests (a similar vehicle model or category, i.e. “American muscle”, etc.)
  3. When you add a new part to your vehicle, we want that part to be in our autocomplete system so it’s faster for you to enter.  We go straight to manufacturers to get their latest product lists so we can include photos and accurate fitment information. Here are the most recently added product catalogs:
    • BBS [2/21/17]
    • Bilstein [2/8/17]
    • Alset [2/8/17]
    • Brembo [1/26/17]
    • WORKS [1/17/17]
  4. A redesign of the Garage:
    1. The Wall will return so you can track all your activity posts for all your vehicles [3/13/17]
    2. View your followers [3/13/17]
    3. Photo albums will return
    4. A new feature to “follow” any vehicle build you see on the site. Think of this like a bookmarking builds you’re interested in for quick access, and that person’s build updates will appear in your Newsfeed
    5. Add links to your personal social media channels [3/13/17]
  5. Notification Menu – we’ll improve the way it looks and the way it works. We’ll group together the same types of notifications that you receive over a short period of time so they don’t come one at a time. We’ll also make sure they’re easy to read and you can clear them quickly.
  6. Workflow enhancements to make navigating the Rides and Shop pages easier
  7. iPhone App
    1. Vehicle ID result page updates including more information about the vehicle and tappable links to similar vehicles already in the Wheelwell community
    2. Easier part entry
    3. In the notification menu, linking up posts and comments so you can go directly to the conversation
    4. Push notifications [1/20/17]
  8. Top Mods page improvements. This will be ongoing as we continue to refine the best way to identify the best products used by the most experienced modders so you can make fast, confident buying decisions
  9. An Android app – we get lots of requests for this and I’d love to say that it’s coming soon but that would be a dirty lie. The truth is that building native apps is super expensive (in both time and dollars) and heavily impacts our ability to support existing platforms. We’re currently supporting desktop web, mobile responsive, and iOS — it’s a lot for a team of just a few people. Once we have solid performance and understanding of exactly what features people use the most on these platforms, Android will get the green light.
  10. Short vanity URLs [1/25/17]


Known Issues

  1. Notifications
    1. The notification menu works a little different depending on where you are on the site, but will be unified and refined in the near future
    2. More control over which notifications you receive, updated controls on your Account page [2/02/17]
  2. Vanity URLS don’t update if you change your name on your Account page. Vanity URLS were recently released and having them update after a name change will be possible in the future.
  3. Club pages have been discontinued. They weren’t used enough and weren’t worth maintaining. Team Wheelwell group communication moved to a Facebook group for this reason
  4. Forums are on hold. They weren’t super active and may be used in other ways in the future, but for now they are not actively supported
  5. Bug: can’t add new vehicles in the garage


Have thoughts on a feature or a know of a bug that’s bothering you? Shoot a note to support@wheelwell.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Andrew Johnson
Head of Product
Wheelwell, Inc

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  1. This kind of communication is very necessary. What you also need is a way for users to report issues and post suggestions in a unified manner that is easy for us as users to use, and easy for you as developers to monitor and not get swamped.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Thanks Tobias, we’ll keep this up. We also have a help desk system in place, so whenever you want to report an issue, just hit us up at the following link and we’ll get back to you with in 24 hours. Thanks! https://wheelwell.zendesk.com/

      • This makes me think about how a basic system to up-vote the list of things to be addressed (above) might be useful. Would give you dev guys an idea of what users are most interested in getting sorted.

        • Andrew Johnson

          Ernie, that’s an interesting idea, we could try that. Know of any upvote WordPress plugins that let you upvote body content?

  2. corey mcdaniel

    I’m not sure how many people this affected but for one of my cars I accidentally added pictures I didn’t mean to and I can’t find any way to remove them on the app or the website. Also another one of my cars I have several pictures uploaded but it doesnt display the picture, it just shows a generic picture for a car as if I didn’t upload any pictures.

    • Andrew Johbnson

      Hi Corey, yup, I see the broken images on your Integra. This is usually because the photos didn’t upload properly, the connection may have been interrupted. Try uploading a new photo to that vehicle – if it displays correctly, then the only fix is to delete those bad images and re-upload them. Kind of pain, but the upload will likely go more smoothly this time. If you have any more questions shoot us a support request at this link so we can make sure it’s followed up on: https://wheelwell.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  3. Did the custom banners go away? Used to be able to get the html for a few different banners you could use as signatures on other forums, or to display on a webpage. Can’t seem to find them anymore…

    • Andrew Johnson

      Hi Ernie,

      Yes, we recently removed the forum banner generator. We’re open to feedback if you have thoughts about how useful this feature was. Thanks

      • I use it in my signature over on the Yaris forum and would stick it anywhere else I could lol, but I couldn’t speak to how much it was being used overall. As always, thanks for everything!

        • Andrew Johnson

          Okay, thanks Ernie. It’s still on the table to bring back if we find it has enough value for everyone. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. I really like Wheelwell but one of the things that it doesn’t seem to capture well is bought vs. built parts. Or parts that are assembled from a bunch of other parts. For example, the windscreen on my Exocet.

    Without going deeply into why I had to make it (because California Bureau of Automotive Repair), it’s assembled from an off-the-shelf VW dune buggy windscreen, some aluminum clamps designed to mount mirrors to that windscreen, a hand full of steel tube-collar bought from Ebay, some angle aluminum, bolts, washers, etc. All of this makes up the assembly that I call “my Exocet windscreen” but there’s no easy way to bundle all of those parts together within Wheelwell to say, “This is the assembly I put together, these are the parts it’s made from.” It seems mostly oriented toward straight forward bolt-on, part A into slot b kinds of mods.

    It also doesn’t really capture well the amount of work that has to go into fabricating a non off-the-shelf solution to a problem. It’s hard to capture that while the windscreen is an off the shelf part, I had to cut the frame down a bit for my non off-the-shelf application. It’s hard to capture that I had to run through three or four different mounting solutions before finally coming up with something that I was reasonably happy with.

    I’d be really cool if there was a way to nest parts in a hierarchy of assemblies. Maybe that would go a fair way into addressing how to best capture fabricated and assembled solutions vs. straight forward bolt-on parts.

  5. Kudos for the new garage/wall/followers/following update.

  6. Assuming you guys are continuing to roll out updates and that’s why the site’s been down all morning, but figured it couldn’t hurt to post about it just in case…

  7. Regarding 4. a. above, it’s awesome that the wall and post/activity history is back, thanks! One comment, it looks like some of the original post descriptions, likes and comments didn’t make it back with them…

  8. New notification drop down is great, but it’s only working for new post notifications. Clicking on a notification about someone replying to a comment doesn’t take you anywhere…

  9. Ernie

    404 error/page when clicking on a notification about someone replying to a comment…

  10. Ernie

    …in my last comment, I meant to say, “…when clicking on a notification about someone following you” — not when someone replies to a comment (that works as intended). Sorry for the type-o.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Thanks Ernie, we’ll check it out.

  11. Ernie

    Love the new ‘recently active’ piece on the ‘rides’ page!

  12. Ernie

    Notifications are going haywire right now. I had +98 unread, all from Wheelwell and tagged as ‘Undefined’. Some stamped ‘a year ago’; and they seem to keep coming in.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Thanks, Ernie. We just added a new feature that allows you to sync your Instagram account with your Wheelwell garage, and when we sync’d our Instagram with our Wheelwell brand page it created notifications for each of the Instagram posts that imported. Sorry for the notification spam, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again.

  13. Heads-up – I think notifications might be down. I see several new posts and have new likes on my last post, but no notifications about them since yesterday afternoon.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Hey Ernie, notifications seem fine on our end, maybe log out and log back in and see if they don’t clear up for you? Also, we’ve transitioned away from this blog – please send any new bug/support finds to https://wheelwell.zendesk.com That will help us keep track of and answer them more timely. Thanks!

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