670 HP
600 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3083 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

Car makes around 599+rwhp on E85. The car is actually pretty quiet and pulls seamless from bottom to top. Anyone who drives it or rides in it likes the throttle response and torque. I put a link in the camshaft part section to and idle clip. Totally stock exterior and interior. Car was built by my friend in Sylmar CA. Car was built to make a streetable 600rwhp with great drivability. The cam has some lope to it but it is not crazy sounding. That is what I wanted living in SoCal. Cops do not like loud cars here. The motor is at a compression of 11.6:1 which is almost stock, but the dynamic has been bumped to 8.6:1. Setting the car up for road course driving and not drag racing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQPEz7vcGgKf567Cf9tf9bw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bmgz06/?hl=en Car was built by Cool Machine Performance in Sylmar CA.   818-427-3016

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[]Jake Rucker

Wanted to know if you had an estimate on the cost of those modifications? Beautiful car, inspiring.


Oh it passed just recently actually.lol Thank you by the way.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

I get the same thing on my Ducati - except i like the racing part :)


Honestly the only one is the seats and the fact that everyone wants to race me.lol


Thanks man ya it is a fun car. LS7s can make great power

[]Josh Toste

Hey bro do you found any down sides about the car since you took ownership.

[]Devin Liu

dude you should've went 670 at the crank for the video. The SV comparison would've been imminent!

[]Nathanael Jones

Badass, man! Love the tuned up N/A small blocks! And that LS7... what a wail!

[]Devin Liu

very nice. let me know how that goes


Ya it makes right around 600 at the wheels in cooler weather not like now in the summer. But figuring about 12% drive train loss it is about 670. It made 583/531 when it was 82 in the shop. When it got colder in the 60's the car was a lot more powerful though. Enough to feel it so it had to be more than 15hp to feel it like that. I think right now in 95 degree weather it would be around 560whp maybe less. LS7's do not like heat at all with the thin cylinder walls. They heat up fast and cant dissipate it well. May be changing to a sleeved LS7 block and that will not be a problem anymore. This is all in a very streetable package. The car does not have a big cam or high compression. The Pfadt headers are helping it a lot. Changed to ARH 4 into 1 headers and lost 40hp and 40tq because of the lower compression and smaller cam. Tri-Y headers make power on lower compression but higher compression will choke them up.

[]Devin Liu

670HP N/A? great job man

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