584 HP
470 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3500 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed
MPG (City/Highway)
10 MPG

The car I have on my profile is my current SC300.  It is truly a DIY project.  I bought this 97 SC300 for $3000.  It carries a salvage title with 250k miles.  I drove it for 80k miles for work and it never fail me.  It was an automatic. Like any build, I focus on the suspension first, then the steering, brakes, and finally the engine.  Goal was 600hp to the wheels. A R154 transmission was chosen for the project because I want to maintain the stock speedo gauge. (I was too poor for a V160)  I drove it down to driftmotion and a complete refresh with all billet parts were put in.  Clutch was a Oguru Twin Disc initially but it was way to hard for the street.  I ended up going with the full face ACT HD pp/clutch disc.  Very streetable car.  I also got the 3.5inch driveshaft from Driftmotion. Next up was the suspension.  Fortune Auto 500, standard spring rate for a MKIV supra.  Polyurethane bushings were replaced everywhere with the exception of the upper rear control arm and the rear subframe/diff. Last but not least, I picked up a 2JZGTE non-vvti for $1500.  It had problems and did not run.  I torn down the engine to bare block and discovered that it has a leaky exhaust valve, 3 coil packs wires were partially melted and one of the main bearing was 90% destroyed.  I had the head machined and rebuilt the whole engine by following the instructions on the supra TSRM.  I did not have money to send the block to the machine shop and/or replace the piston and rods with their forged counterpart.  ID1050x injectors, Radium Rail -8an fuel with a singl Walbro 485 pump. An AEM infinity was my choice of EMS, it was very noob friendly and allowed me to get the car running with no time and taught me a lot of how to program an engine.  However, I am no tuner and I knew that it has to be done on the tune.  All AEM sensors were used. Car makes 584WHP @ 25psi - stock exhaust, 60mm turbo. I wanted the car to be quiet.  My next goal is to swap the RCF interior to the car.  

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[]Niko Arvelo

Beautiful car! Shadow Rose Quartz is the color right? Supposedly there was around 50 made. 97-98 only like RSP

[]Monty Abd

Amazing Build man
Quick question though, with an airbag cover how does the horn work? I'd really like to do this mod to my SC and that's the only mystery for me lol

[]Tabitha Blagdon

Sick build! Can't wait to see more updates.

[]Bosco Li


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