620 HP
564 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3,814 LB
Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
8-Speed "QuickShift" ZF Automatic
Top Speed
205 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
11.1 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
3.3 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
15/23 MPG

It took a long time before I decided I wanted to buy my first F-Type. By long I mean years. Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, all I considered before this one. Almost held off to by an M5 or a new C63 S coupe, but when I walked into the dealership and saw this car on lot spec'd out to nearly exactly what I wanted, and took it for a test drive, I had to make it mine. Next thing I knew, I was breaking the bank and cutting a check for it. Since then it's had some work done to it. Jaguar logo puddle lights installed, Escort Passport 9500ci w/LaserShifter Pro front and rear protection installed, Xpel paint protection fill, even ordered another set of hood louvres to have custom painted in high gloss black, and also tinted the windows. Bought the diamond turned 20' rims from Jaguar to put on it as well. The most money I've ever spent on rims to this point. It also under went an ECU remap and a supercharger pulley upgrade from ETG, so its now slightly louder, much more powerful, and much faster. It's only seen rain five times, never seen snow, and is cleaned and waxed after every drive. That's right, I baby it. It's an amazing car. The one my mother never got to see since she passed away just a few months before I bought it, but the one she liked most when I showed her the pictures and configuration of it. Sad to say I will be selling this car in August, since I have placed an order for a bespoke F-Type SVR coming August 16th. Excited for that one, but I will miss my R, but it will be going out with a bang. This car will be participating in Exotics on Park and Rally for the Ranch in Columbus, OH. It will be in attendance for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix's Jaguar Marquee. It will also be partaking in the The MotorCity Rally going from Detroit to Atlanta. The MotorCity Rally will be the last adventure with this car, but a proper end to my one year of owning it. This car definitely lives up to the tagline "It's Good To Be Bad." I never regret buying it, and I have no complaints about it. It's a perfect engineering masterpiece. The best car I've ever owned. The best car I've ever driven, and I've driven Lamborghini's and Ferrari's. I'd take this car any day over anything (except for maybe a CX75). It is and always will be my dream car. I certainly hope the next owner will have as big of a smile and be filled with as much joy as I have when owning and driving this this car. A lot of people also ask me what's her name. I don't really name my cars, but if I had to name her (yes it's a she) it would be Kitty, after my cat who passed away shortly after I bought this car in August. 

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