385 HP
310 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3208 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.8 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
187 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
12.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.5 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
21 MPG

So this story will pick up where the 996 story left off (if you haven't read that one, go read it first). When Katerina disappeared, I knew she was going to be replaced at some point. Insurance treated me surprisingly well, so I was prepared to enter new-Camaro / Mustang territory. I'm a Porsche guy, and wanted another P-car, but I also felt the 996 could have used a bit more oomph, so I short listed a few criteria for my next car: RWD, Coupe, Manual, 400HP. I test drove several Camaros, and they were all terrible boats. If you ever have the chance, don't bother. They don't rev, they're not that fast, they don't sound that great - if you want anything out of them, you're modding out of the gate. From there, I tried the new Mustangs on. These are lightyears ahead of the Camaros. The 2015 GT's are nearly as refined as a 996.2, albeit a little bit quicker. But, alas, unavailable with a sunroof - in Canada, when you're buying a summer-only coupe, a sunroof is a must. Moving on. Next came the BRZ. I didn't fit. Then the M4. Too pricey, and friends don't let friends drive Beemers. A Z? Maybe a 280Z. But nothing exciting about a 370. I did rather like the new BMW M2. That's a proper little car; only issue is they're only available new; and I wasn't prepared for the depreciation. Then I almost broke two of my criteria and bought a 2012 AMG C63. Man, that's a cool sounding car. I had to let it go, as it was "too practical" for a summer car. At this point, I had been Porsche-less for nearly 2 months. Depending on the day, I started to let the budget slide to the back burner, mirrored with planning to wait a year or two for things to play themselves out. I started to consider a DFI Cayman S. Short of the 400HP mark I wanted, but good all-round. During a car show at the local dealer, I bugged my salesman about a Cayman. He didn't have any, and they didn't have any coming in. The only thing he had was a 2010 C4S, Black on black with PSE and black wheels. It looked good. Really good. And at double my budget, looked like it wasn't an option. I sat on it another week, and found myself back at the dealer, with the intention of asking about the C4S. The miles were about what I bought the 996 at, and without the IMS malarky I figured that would be ok, so I'd really like it if they could swing some warranty for peace of mind. No dice. Hark, Herald, dost my ears deceive me? That evening, only moments prior to my visit, a 2009 C2S in Midnight Blue was traded on a Cayman GTS. The previous owner had only just bought the car that spring, and had purchased the extended warranty, transferable to the new owner. It was a touch more than the C4S, but with half the miles and warranty coverage... of course they took my money. I picked it up the next week.

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