320 HP
273 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2910 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.6 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
176 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
13.1 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.7 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
16/24 MPG

Abandoned, cold and forlorn in the back lot of a Porsche dealer. Left there to freeze. Covered in snow and ice, unwashed. Love at first sight, really. I didn't want a 996. I wanted a 997.2. But there was no way that was in the budget. Between the Sports Exhaust (XLF), spoiler and side skirts (Aero II?) and Alcantara roof liner, I had to have it. It. Her. Katerina. I drove the p*ss out of that car. I loved that car. I was well on the way to making her exactly the right car. My first track days; through the mountains, down the coast. Daily driver for 3 years. Two sets of tires. 9 oil changes. 33,000km. Clutch went during the first summer. That was a bummer, and tough lesson to take. But, used that as an excuse to fix the IMS/RMS, and get that out of the way early. iPad Mini dash install, Alcantara wheel and shifter, red seatbelts, SpeedTech X-pipe, Fabspeed black chrome tips, Fabspeed CF Intake. She sounded amazing. *Almost* quiet when puttering around 3k rpm or less; ear-bleeding revs in a tunnel. GMG Sway bars and LED taillights were next. The Titanium hood emblem was sexy. I miss this car. It's in good hands now, in Hamilton, being "rebuilt" and put back onto the road. I hope they take good care of her. It was the first Porsche Club drive of the year. I wasn't going to go. It was too early, too out of the way. The car needed tires; they were on my balcony waiting for mounting. I was the last one to show at the departure site. I was impatient and eager. I had a 997 turbo up my a**. The road was dirty - just a bit of grit and gravel. My tires were worn. Nice people, whose lawn I parked on. Backwards. Relatively undramatically; but it was enough. Folded front bumper, bent the rear, popped the tips off; pushed the driver side rad into the tire. She'd live, but she'd need some TLC. Insurance decided otherwise. I was devastated. Salvage? Rebuilt? ...you're offering me *how much*?!?!

Discuss this build

[]Christopher McDowell El

lively looking 996 you got there

[]Bradley Smith

It's long gone. Onto the 997 now
But thanks :P

[]Christopher McDowell EL

Ha! no doubt, I'll keep an eye for that then

[]Mike Connors

I really like the exhaust tips. may I ask the price and where you got them?

[]Bradley Smith

I got them from Fabspeed.


They were discounting them at the time, and due to an order mixup I received an extra $75 off. So instead of paying the list of $400 USD I got them for $225. The pictures shown at the link are not what I got - they may have changed their design.

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