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Petrolhead that loves all cars, especially track minded cars
Bram van Damme2 days ago

Drove the car from The Netherlands to the end of Poland (1500km) to find out that the supercharger was loose. Turns out the previous owner had made custom brackets to fit it. It looks like these brackets were welded by a blind retard with his feet, booger welds all over. Only 2 out of 4 bolts we still tightend, the bracket was cracked and loose. I managed to patch it up with some stainless lockwire and drove it to


[]Yves Vds

Weren't you experiencing belt slip? The tiniest bit of movement of the supercharger will affect how tight the belt is on the pulleys. Good that you got it sorted now.

[]Bram van Damme

The belt is wrapped quite tight around the pulley and it runs 0,5 bar pressure, so I did not notice any slip. Also the play in it was perpendicular to the tension on the belt.

Bram van Damme342 days ago


Bram van Damme342 days ago

Not your average neighbours.

Bram van Damme363 days ago

Get a practical car they said.... so i did! Ready to go camping.

Bram van Damme370 days ago

This is one of my top 10 favorite tools  it's a mini ratchet with the narrowest size possible, easily usable in tight corners that would normallyonly be accessible to an allen wrench. it also has a very small ratchet angle and it comes with a screwdriver handle and an extension piece.

Bram van Damme371 days ago

Cute little Honda, at first I think what a nice little classic and then my mind goes: Motorcycle engine swap!!!! Am I a bad person?


[]Carlos Julien Jr

Noo. I love a high revving sleeper! Fully built turbo zx1400 sleeper....

[]Chad Ploski

Not at all sir!

[]Mark Koshinski

Nope! Extra power with a small footprint.

[]Timothy Markworth

Nothing wrong with keeping a classic car road relevant.

Bram van Damme372 days ago


Bram van Damme372 days ago

Sunshine brings out the aquaphobic cars too.

Bram van Damme374 days ago

Beautiful Opels


[]Ernie Szots

Super cool and looking killer on those mesh wheels.

[]Mark Koshinski

Wow! Those are beautiful!

Bram van Damme374 days ago

Switzerland has got some nice rides


[]Brian Huntoon


[]Basir Khan

Is that an Alpina?

[]Bram van Damme

Not an BMW expert but i think so.

Bram van Damme376 days ago

In Singapore there is no shortage of supercars!

Bram van Damme618 days ago

Some Polish guy is building the General Mitsubishi. :)

Bram van Damme625 days ago

Jaguar XJR 15

Bram van Damme628 days ago

Tool time! This is a must have tool for every mechanic. It's a combination of a pipe wrench and a bench vise. It has a smooth jaw, so when used wisely it does not damage a nut or bolt. I've even used it to press in dowel pins in places where other tools can't reach.

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Bram van Damme631 days ago

de Macross Epique GT1, was featured on Jay Leno's Garage and it was at Goodwood 2012. I think it looks bad ass!

Bram van Damme632 days ago

The Kadet B of a good friend of mine. He did a great restoration, even painting the thing! The color is Honda Goldwing Red, i doubted his choice, but the finished result looks damn nice.

Bram van Damme637 days ago

Is a 3D printer an added value to your work shop? To start with...I'm an engineer so a lot of things that look easy or do-able to me, might seem difficult to others. Is 3D printing an added value for your garage? Simple answer : Yes! About a year ago, I started taking notice of the resolution of 3D printers, and of the ease of building one. after puzzling a bit to figure out what i want and need, i decided on a

Bram van Damme638 days ago

A vintage Toyota Crown, it was completely restored by a colleague of mine.

Bram van Damme643 days ago

Great use of a M engine!

Bram van Damme643 days ago

Some classic Fords at a dealer in Belgium

Bram van Damme643 days ago

A bunch of German Opel GT's on top of Col de Vars (France)

Bram van Damme644 days ago

Twins, at a hotel close to the Spa Francorchamps circuit

Bram van Damme644 days ago

Going camping in France, you can find some quick neigbours. 380ish horsepower from an audi TT-S engine.

Bram van Damme836 days ago

Motorhead // Heart vs Head 4K -

Bram van Damme857 days ago

For anyone who wants to understand more about aerodynamics, I found that this book is the best way to get to grips with it. It is of course aimed at airplanes but this book is an easy read and anyone can understand it. From this you should be able to do some on road aero testing, and actually see some results. Seeing if your car would for instance benefit from vortex generators, or what kind of wing would be most effective.

Bram van Damme893 days ago

Polishing an intake manifold. One of the most rewarding, time consuming, dirty and useless jobs you can do on your car.

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