Air Lift 95786KT2 Auto pilot V2

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Air Lift 95786KT2 Auto pilot V2






Love it, the ability to manage your ride height/quality on the fly is worth it in itself. Really adds that missing pièce de résistance. If you're looking to get the most out of the kit, you're gonna need a couple more things. The Air Lift lowering shocks for the rear. The brackets that the rear bags sit on have a notch in their legs that will need to be cut to utilise the new shocks. (See manual for specifics) You're also gonna need to notch the passenger side front frame to allow the axle to travel where it needs to go when airing completely out. Otherwise the car's frame will rest on the axle and that's no good. The kit itself is straight forward and easy to install, all the electronics come pre wrapped for protection which was a nice touch. The only downside to this kit was the front struts. Their design is questionable and they have a tendency to fail in a short lifespan. It's a common thing to happen and Air Lift makes a repair Kit for them. It's a 10 minute job from what I understand. Just to clarify it's not the bag on the strut that fails, you can still drive the car fine and safely. It's got something to do with the strut bearing section up towards the top. A quick google search will show you what I'm talking about. TLDR: kit is sick, front slam struts are junk, but there's a kit to repair them when they break. Would buy again





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