? HP
Curb Weight
2390 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine size
1.6 L
transmission type
Mpg (city/highway)

I bought the car in Indiana. Had no rust, speedometer was broke along with the odometer. It had the typical Honda idle issue. It had a p13 ecu from a Honda prelude controlling the motor, so it ran pretty rich. AC condenser was pulled out and power steering didn't work. It was also missing the glove box, rear wiper arm, windshield nozzles, nozzle hose and pump. On my way home with the car after purchasing it, the driver side airbag fell into my lap. It wasn't even bolted down... So I immediately changed it out for something somewhat safer. The car originally had carpet but we had a major rain storm back in April of 2018 and I took in some water while driving home. This damaged not only my carpet but the headlight harness as well. I tried to save the carpet but it ended up getting a moldy mildew smell. I also noticed that the front body panels don't align which leaves me to believe it was in an undocumented accident. I spent 2,000 on a car that needed way more work than it was worth. In October of 2018 I noticed the timing belt had some major cracks in it. After replacement of the belt and a good majority of gaskets, the timing was adjusted back to 0. The p13 ecu made the car run extremely rich after that. So the car sat around until January 2019 when the hondata s300 was installed. In August of 2019 the wireworx wire harness was installed after a year without running lights in the car. It finally could be driven at night again. But unfortunately in November of 2019 two wire connectors had wires break off of their connectors right at the connector in the engine bay. This caused the vehicle to no longer start. It is now sitting around until I can get the connectors to rebuild the engine bay harness. As of January 2020 the vehicle also sprang a gas leak while in the midst of moving to my new home. In April of 2020 whilst I was repairing the car, I had noticed the custom exhaust that was originally thought to be an ebay exhaust; turned out to be a Megan Racing Exhaust system. By July of 2020 I had quickly made repairs in hopes of getting the car running as this was the only vehicle I had; I wired one wire wrong and blew my Hondata s300. It is once again sitting around till I get it fixed...

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