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Modifying cars is a sickness.....and I have it.
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[]Andrew Johnson

Looking good!

Brandon Bockrath751 days ago

Picked up some used wheels for 80$ for the fiesta just for track days, only thing was they were super dirty, and silver eww...anyways it wasn't an ideal weekend to get them painted, but they look a lot better now.


[]Brandon Bockrath

Kinda backfired on this, one was bent and they don't clear the big brake kit.....

[]Ben Sullivan

D'oh! Bummer.

[]Brandon Bockrath

It worked out haha they are my freedom themed race wheels on my new fiesta now.

Brandon Bockrath840 days ago

Got a couple more awesome garage tools this Christmas! made the oil change in the FiST super quick and convenient, took like 15 min. You can't underestimate things like ramps,creepers, lights, and getting all your stuff ready before hand.

Brandon Bockrath846 days ago

Fiesta ST hot lap Blackhawk Farms Raceway 7/30/2016

Brandon Bockrath865 days ago

New tires on the Cherokee! All ready for the snow! :)

Brandon Bockrath870 days ago

Finally switched back to the all seasons this weekend, so sad. After looking at the Yokohama's I'm really impressed, they went through 4 track days, 5 Auto-crosses and about 20K highway miles since June and still have about 3/32nd of tread on them. They are heat cycled out though so no more track days, but they should be good for a few more months of street driving next spring, well worth the investment for me personally.

Brandon Bockrath886 days ago

New Exhaust!

Brandon Bockrath903 days ago

I lifted......

Brandon Bockrath922 days ago

Played around with some Duplicolor custom wrap and re coated my winter wheels! Sad that the cold gloomy times are least looking at this outrageousness will cheer me up haha

Brandon Bockrath953 days ago

Run 5 Great River Region Autocross Event #9

Brandon Bockrath1046 days ago

Is it just me or is it getting cooler in here? ;)

Brandon Bockrath1061 days ago

Front bumper stuff! Painted the fog light covers glossy black to match the car better, installed a tow hook and got rid of the factory plastic pillars in front of the inter cooler and put some steel mesh in there.


[]Ben Sullivan

Just picked up the Peirce Motorsports tow hook kit as well. What was your method for locating where to sand/drill the hole in the grille to line up with the bolt on the crash beam? Thx for the pics!

[]Brandon Bockrath

I just kinda eye balled it and used my dremel with a plastic cutting blade to make it all fit. I used it as my license plate mount when I wasn't racing so I didn't pay much attention to how it looked haha

[]Ben Sullivan

Nice - sounds good. I was thinking of drilling a smaller hole and working out from there. It would be nice to use a hole saw but I would wager it would tear the plastic hexagonal grille. Onward!

Brandon Bockrath1091 days ago

Ooh Shiny! Just waiting on my fluid then the brakes will be ready for upgrading!

Brandon Bockrath1122 days ago

Started getting ready for new shocks and bushings on the jeep this weekend.

Brandon Bockrath1152 days ago

what a nice day to get out and do some early spring cleaning in the engine bay.

Brandon Bockrath1158 days ago

Tax return kicked in yo!

Brandon Bockrath1205 days ago

Super glad I took the Jeep to work instead the Fiesta yesterday.

Brandon Bockrath1288 days ago

Emptied my catch can after one week of driving, so far I think it was a good investment.