115 HP with the wind at it's back, downhill.
Front wheel drive
Engine Displacement
2.0 L
5 Speed Manual

My first running vehicle, the car that peaked my interest in learning about all cars. Purchased it in February of 2016 with 110k on the clock, and I believe I am the 3rd owner. At the time I was looking for my first car (though I had maybe 2 cars before this, none were running, and I was very inexperienced when it came to working on cars at the time). I was in the market for an Audi, or a BMW, never once thinking VW. Found this car on craigslist for $3,500 (ended up paying $3,200, not quite a deal, but not too bad either) on aftermarket wheels, slammed on coilovers (which means the sway bar was also cut out), and in need of some mechanical maintenance. The clutch and flywheel were glazed, needed all new motor mounts, the driver side CV boot was ripped, bushings needed replacing, and the struts were shot. Not to mention the front end had a barley noticeable sleight misalignment (and still does), as well as spider web cracks on the bumper, implying it had been in a small front end collision. I have since corrected or repaired most of these issues, and made small improvements where I could. Its only a 2.slow, nothing to get excited about, but I cannot get enough of this car, I enjoy driving it more than any other car I've driven thus far, and I don't ever plan on selling it. More to come with mostly cosmetic mods, and likely some handling mods to get the car where I want it. Car is currently at 113.5k miles. I look to keep it reliable, and love to drive it everyday. I have learned a lot about cars by working on this one, and still have plans for it (as you can see on the wishlist). I look forward to getting those things installed. Stick around as I learn more...

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homepage tile photo for New Headlights
New Headlights

Picked up some used hella headlights at the wrecking yard a while back, the ones one my car were re

[]Jared Eleccion

Those look awesome! I have some work to do on mine at the moment, just got some blacked out jetta headlights. Any tips on getting rid of foggy plastic?

[]Brandon Broswell

I use a wet sanding step down process, 400grit, 800grit, and 1000grit. Then I polish them out with a rotary polisher, first a cutting polish, then a finishing polish. After all of that you should clear them with an automotive uv rated clear coat (or at the very least wax them, which will require more upkeep from you in the future) for protection from yellowing.

Or buy glass lenses, they'll never fog or yellow.

Are the lenses on your headlights blacked out? Or are the internals blacked out? If the lenses are blacked out, it may not be a good idea to sand them.

[]Jared Eleccion

Oh cool. That's super helpful, thank you! And for my current headlights I opened them up and painted the internals, minus the major reflective parts. Then I put glass headlights on instead, but the Jetta headlights I'm using for the front end conversion are foggy plastic. Internals are blacked out on those too.

[]Brandon Broswell

Yeah, a good sanding and polish would be a good method to try until you get some glass lenses (if that is what you plan on doing later down the line).

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Found that these center caps for the BBS RC wheels are a pain to remove (especially since I put sil

[]Jake Johnson

The engineer in me takes his hat off to you, sir

[]Brandon Broswell

I'm no engineer, but I know enough to get me by!

[]Hayden Baker

Dude that's dope. That is the perfect usage of a 3d printer. Find a problem, create a solution, then market it to others. Well done. However it's super annoying that you even had to create the thing in the first place.

[]Brandon Broswell

I agree, though, I did save a buck making one for myself. BBS wants $40-$50 for theirs, and in theory mine shouldn't fail in the same ways theirs do.

homepage tile photo for undefined

Picked up some BBS RC wheels for the car! my old Klutch wheels that came with it were leaking at th

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