Product review

What made you choose this particular product?

Price, reference from current users

Is this your first time buying from this brand? Did you consider other brands?

Yes, first time. I considered Megan Racing and Tein

Was it easy to install? Any installation tips that will help others?

Installed myself, and for the most part it was an easy switch. The most difficult part was the car design itself. The Mazda 6 is quite difficult to work with. Bolts are rusted for days and rear shock plates are jammed up inside the chassis, so its hard to get out and back in.

Once you've had a chance to use the product, did it meet your expectations?

Well worth it. Shipped at the maximum low, so I am curently doing the tedious adjusting throughout the next month.

Any additional comments?

Be cautious of your wheel offset when installing. If your wheel is like mine where I have 35 offset, and no fender rolling, you will having rubbing issues. Roll the fenders, and raise the ride height.

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