BRANDON FULTON'S2005 Dodge NeonSRT-4 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 5M)

Brandon Fulton's 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 5M)
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2005 Dodge Neon

SRT-4 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 5M)



Horsepower700-800 HP
Torque600-700 LB-FT
Curb Weight~2350 LB
Engine Size2.5 L
Fuel TypeE-85 & 93oct w/Meth

The Story

(Purchase Price): $5500 (08/2012) (Money Invested in Parts to Date): $27155 (Estimate Price of Completed Build): $36,000 (Time of Completion): Early 2019 Mid 2019 I loved the SRT-4 ever since they debuted. I've always had a thing for the underdogs and sleepers and the Neon Srt-4 was a pretty good sleeper car especially if modified. This is my current street car build that started as a completely stock car, went with a 93 tune and pushed only 260-270whp for a few years, then I upgraded to a Hahn 20g and ran around 320hp which can be made on the stock turbo with e85. I then had the turbo upgraded to an FP Red but still had the internal wastegate for a td05h turbine wheel and blew the engine due to boost creep and 30 p.s.i on Pump and Meth, which was 3 pounds more than the tune could handle. Starting in Mid 2016, I've been going nearly balls to the walls with this build and it will be completed by 2019 and it will make roughly 700-750hp with potential for over 800hp on the 6266 Gen2 on E85. And roughly 650hp on pump gas with Meth Injection. It will be tuned by Nigel at BST, he has tuned the fastest stock pcm Srt-4s that has went 9.3 with a 5 speed. The following are the modification's and parts I have payed for, as well as future modifications that are required to complete the build.  (Bottom End Mods): Fully Built Engine Block - Block and Components Machined and Balanced by David's Machine in Theodore, Alabama, Blueprinted and Assembled by Myself, *Block Torque Plate Bored and Honed .040 over, *Balanced to within a gram on each cylinder, Compression Ratio set at 9.2:1, *JE 8.5:1 Asymmetrical Forged Pistons, *Line2Line Coating on Skirts, *JE Pro Seal Piston Rings, *Piston to Bore clearance set at .040 (.35 with L2L coating) *Eagle ESP H Beam Connecting Rods, *DCR Pankl Rod Bolts, *King Racing XP Rod and Main Bearings, * Bearing Clearances set at .0025, *Stock Crankshaft machined .010, *MAP Billet Steel Strap Kit, *ARP Main Bearing Studs * Custom Windage Tray, Turbo Oil Drain converted to -10an Female Fitting, *Piston Oil Squirter Delete, *Balance Shaft Delete, *Ported Oil Filter housing, *Ported Oil Gallery's in Oil Pan, *Ported Oil Pump, *DCR Oil Pump Gears, *Ported Oil Inlet on Block, *DCR Hi-Flow Oil Pickup with Screen, *DCR Oil Pan Stud Kit, *ATI Super Dampner, *Billet Tone Wheel, *Full Mopar Gasket/O-ring Kit (Top End Mods): Fully Built Race Cylinder Head - *SDK Motorsports Stage 4 Race Port Cylinder Head, *REV Oversized Valves (I+1/E+2) with 5 angle valve job,*Cometic Head Gasket, *BC Valve Springs, *BC Titanium Retainers, *BC Stage 3 Camshafts (272/272), *JMB Powder Coated Valve Cover with with -10an PCV and Breather Ports, Valve Cover Dress Up Bolt Kit,*MPX Adjustable Cam Gears, *Mopar Performance Lash Adjustors, *Mopar 2.7 Rockers, *ARP Head Studs, ARP Exhaust and Intake Manifold Studs, *JMF Race Intake Manifold, *Boomba 70mm Throttlebody, *DCR Billet Timing Belt Tensionor, *Gates Racing Timing Belt, (Turbo Setup ): *Precision 6266 gen 2 dbb turbo, .82ar V-band Turbine Housing, *Tunergeeks Top Mount Tubular Manifold,  Tial 44mm External Wastegate, Custom 4 inch Hood Exit Exhaust, Tunergeeks Race Intercooler, ETS 2.5in Charge Pipe, *SDK 3in Coldside Intercooler Pipe, *Vanjen Throttle Body Clamp, Tial 50mm BOV, SDK 3in; Hotside Intercooler Hardpipe, *T-bolt Clamps on every connection, PCV Check Valve (Fuel Mods): Fuel Tank Sump, 10micron pre filter, Magnafuel ProTuner 750 Fuel Pump, 10micron Fuel Filter, -8an PTFE Feed, *Boomba Fuel Rail, FIC 2150cc Injectors, SX FPR, -6an PTFE Return, Fuel Pump Hardwired to Alternator, AEM Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge, EVAP Delete, *Labonte Water/Meth Injection Kit for Pump Gas Tune, E85 Fuel (Ignition Mods): NGK 4306 2 Steps Colder, Stock Coil Pack, Stock Plug Wires (Cooling Mods): *Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator, Mishimoto Radiator Fans, *180 Degree Thermostat, DCR Billet Adjustable Thermostat Housing, Custom -20AN Radiator Hoses, *DCR High Flow Water Pump, Heater Core Delete,*Engine Bay Completely wrapped in heat reflective shield., *Wiper Cowl Delete to allow better underhood heat exhange (Drivetrain Mods): *ACT Twin Disc Clutch with 23 spline Pilot Bearing, *AGP Forged Clutch Fork, DCR Steel Clutch Pivot Ball, Mopar OEM TOB, Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line, *Liberty Gears 23 Spline Billet Input Shaft with Straight Cut 1-2 Gears, Hardened Snap Rings, DCR Syncro Springs, DCR Carbon Syncro Liners, Billet Shift Selector, Billet Shift Forks, Mopar Axles, 10w40 Mobile1 High Mileage Oil, AGP Solid Transmission Mount, SDK K-Frame to Bellhousing Mount, Ragetek Shifter Bushings, Hurst Short Throw Shifter (Chassis & Suspension Mods) : Weight Reduction close to 400lbs, *DCR Solid Engine Mount, *AMR Engineering Coilover's with Swift Springs (448 lbs/in up front and 336 lbs/in in the rear, *XXR 531 17x10, Nitto NT555 285/40/17, *25mm Wheel Spacers, ARP Wheel Studs, Full Prothane Suspension Bushing Kit, Hotchkis Sway Bars, DCR Rear Control Arms, Moog Ball Joints, Moog Inner/Outer Tie-rods, Manual Steering Rack Conversion (Braking Mods): Wilwood Clutch/Brake/Throttle Tandem Pedals Floor Mount, Wilwood Brake Master Cylinder inside car, Wilwood Adjustable Proportioning Valves, Wilwood 4 piston Big Brake Kit, Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Exterior Mods): White Vinyl Wrap, Black Housing Retrofit Headlights, *Shaved Nostril Badge, Mach 1 Lip, Carbon Fiber Doors, Carbon Fiber Hood, PVO Carbon Fiber Trunk *Rolled Rear Bumper, Custom Rear Diffusor, *ZG Fender Flares, Clear Side Markers, *Caliber SRT-4 Badge, *Color Matched Side Mirrors, Depo LED Taillights with Reverse Light Housing blacked out, (Electronical Mods): Diablosport Trinity, Wire Tuck, Custom Alarm System with Floyd Bell 90db Alarm tied into Oil Pressure, Coolant Temp, Air Fuel Ratio, Fuel Pressure, and Knock Sensor, Custom Gauge and Switch Panel, AEM Digitial Air/Fuel Ratio, AEM Digital Boost Gauge, AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauge, *N2MB WOT Box/ 2 step Launch Controller, N2MB Boost By Gear, All new engine sensors, Custom Grounding System, Radio Delete, Pump Gas Hp Goals: (600+hp and 550+ ft lbs) Race Gas Hp Goals: (700+hp) Chassis Weight Goals: 2300lbs

Comments (19)
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[]Emmett F

Very nice project. Whats your 0-60 rating?

[]Maggie Johnson


[]Colin Chambers

ooooo like this!

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Nice neon 👍🏻Good luck on your project!

[]Brandon Fulton

Thanks Jessica, hoping to be done this year or at least have it running

[+][deleted] (0 children)

[]Robert Sixto

These little cars always intrigued me, ever since they featured one in Sport Compact magazine back in the day, where a stock example made more wheel horsepower than it was claiming at the crank. Cool little details, like the connecting rod ends being cracked off in production, rather than cleanly cut, and that provided better strength. They sound pretty mean for a 4 cylinder too.

[]Brandon Fulton

Yea the cracked caps are pretty interesting technique, I rebuilt a Chrysler 3.7 EKG and it also had cracked caps. It also had a bedplate that combines all the main bearing caps into one piece and sandwiches the crank to the block.

However all aftermarket forged rods ditch the cracked caps and just use locating dowels.

[]Timothy Markworth

Do you really get 22mpg from that monster?

[]Brandon Fulton

It is a 4 cylinder, that's a pretty generous estimate for e85, probably will get close to 28-30mpgs on 93 and meth

[]Timothy Markworth

My stock Caliber struggles to get 26. My tuned but practically stock Accord was getting 21ish since the injectors were free to run til they ticked. If you can get 22 from a 700HP car, that's an achievement.

[]Brandon Fulton

My car weighs basically the same as a first gen neon coupe base model, so it's not much surprise it doesn't take as much engine power and fuel to keep the car going down the road.

[]Mark Sandiford

Looks quite food

[]Brandon Fulton

I like good food

[]David English

This thing is crazy. I love it.

[]Brandon Fulton

Thanks David

[]David English


[]Tom Armstrong

Holy crap dude this isn’t a beast!

[]Brandon Fulton

Thanks bud

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