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Brandon Marquis

I favor Hondas, as you can see, but I like most cars that are manual, 2 door, and under 3000 lbs.
Brandon Marquis4 hours ago

...and God saw the RSX and blessed it for it is fast and Holy and rested on the 7th day for his work was complete. Amen.

[]Ernie Szots


Brandon Marquis4 hours ago

Porsche in the shop, so they gave me a 2018 Boxster 718 base with PDK. Very impressive and sophisticated. Exhaust sounds kinda cool, but is quiet, too quiet at WOT. Current base model is as fast as a 2012 Cayman S which is pretty remarkable. Effortless acceleration, no doubt due to the increase of torque the turbo provides. No drama in the corners, which is what you want and expect from a mid-engine car.

Brandon Marquis3 days ago

Not a lot of Porsche owners here, but I've got a question for the Porsche community. Looking to buy a new OEM dual mass flywheel from the Internet, but Suncoast doesn't sell them for some reason. I found some random dealer sites that sell it for 20% off like an Annapolis Dealer parts site: but I'm suspect. Is this site legit? Anyone know of a reputable site to buy one new?


[]Hayden Baker

I would check Google maps to check the street view and call the dealer to make sure. It's probably legit though assuming the part numbers match. Also check out with PayPal if you can. Side note, do you have any interest in a single mass steal flywheel? Could wake the car up some more

[]Brandon Marquis

Made a post on Planet-9 under my user name DC5Brandon. They told me this was probably a legit site, and to call Suncoast with the part number, they may be able to get the part, but I don't think it will be as cheap. Buying this stuff off the Internet seems to be the cheapest way to go.

[]Joost Van Dien

A bit off topic, but aren't there any options to go to a regular flywheel for your Porsche? Saves you the hassle of ever changing it again. They can go bad quickly.

[]Brandon Marquis

This is the stock part, like two flywheels in one. Some go to an aftermarket light flywheel, but in some cases there is some clutch "chatter" and only is recommended for track use. A light flywheel is half the weight! So, you get a great performance increase due to less un-sprung weight on the trans., but this is still under warranty. I think I'll try the light flywheel in a few years or so.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I didn't do an exhaustive search or anything for you but back when I was in the market for Porsches, this was the go to source I came across for parts on the older cars. I find it for $763 here: They are a reputable source, but I don't if Luk is the OEM manufacturer or not.

[]Brandon Marquis

Yes, I found that too, but I think this is OEM replacement - not exactly the same part no. as the stock part. It's under warranty still, so I want to use OEM only for now.

[]Christopher McDowell EL

It still is the source for the air cooled stuff mainly. Im sure they have branched to the other newer models now a days

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I can't say for sure on Porsches but I know LUK is the OEM supplier for a lot of european brands. Both my Saab and BMW 525i use LUK clutches for the original. has the OEM Porsche clutch for less than $700 ( but I'd be willing to bet that the $600 kit made by Sachs ( is the OEM clutch without the Porsche branding on it.

Brandon Marquis7 days ago

Now that we are in the week of sharing the love, what made you become a car enthusiast? I remember seeing a C2/C3 Corvette for the first time when I was a little kid. It looked unlike anything else on the road and one of my first fav toys was a Hot Wheels Corvette. I loved cars for their looks only until I watched Top Gear on Netflix around 2008. It looked so fun


[]Jordan Shuster

I'd say what really sparked my "descent into madness" was my 2012 Mustang. The endless modification possibilities enticed me, and I wound up knowing far more about that car than I ever thought possible. After that, I somehow got into watching BBC's Top Gear (not sure what got me to start watching it in the first place), and things continued from there. Now I'm an active part of a great community and several car clubs that keep me addicted to the enthusiast life even today. I also work in a car dealership, with easy access to our shop and tools, which has enabled me to work by hand on my cars.

[]Brandon Marquis

Cool. That's one of those cars that may have too many options when it comes to modding. I'm lucky enough to have my dad's tools and some of my own, but it must be crazy to have access to a lift.

[]Jordan Shuster

It's been a life-saver, since I live in an apartment complex. It made installing my new exhaust a breeze.

Brandon Marquis48 days ago

I'm looking for a good, dependable Honda performance shop in the Atlanta area, or east GA would be good too. I need to install a new coilover kit. +++ if they have worked on many RSXs. I guess they don't need to specialize in Honda, but I'd like some peace of mind.

Brandon Marquis133 days ago

Where are all the fireworks?  Hopefully we'll be on the track again next year.  Still kicking and running strong!

Brandon Marquis133 days ago

I was looking around on Etsy for some automotive art, but some of it looks sketchy.  Does anyone know of a good site I can get some good prints?  I'd like something large (like 40 x 16 in), but I'd be interested in some small prints too.  It can be drawn or professionally photographed.  Bonus points if its Porsche.

Brandon Marquis146 days ago

This quote from one of my favorite movies popped in my head last week after running the Cayman in the hills last week.  If you have the means...

Brandon Marquis167 days ago

Dreaming about aftermarket exhaust for the Cayman.  It may be a while before I do this, as I don't want to jeopardize my warranty, but that's what dreaming is for, right?  There are 2-3 negative things about the car so far I've discovered, and the exhaust is definitely one of its short comings.  It sounds good when the car is past 6K RPMs, but there's very little time the car can be driven at WOT on the street due

Brandon Marquis202 days ago

Cold Air Intakes are great, except when you've got to get to work and a sudden downpour sends millions of gallons down your streets.  Unfortunately, when the water gets too high, the low CAI sucks up water, not air, the intake filter gets water clogged, and you pray none of it gets past the manifold and into the engine.  When just a little water gets into the engine block/pistons, its got no where to go and with the extreme


[]Brandon Dubose

Lower cars are famous for hydrolock. People normally get around that with a bypass filter and I actually designed a carbon fiber cold air intake that does the same thing. Youll be fine as long as you let it dry out, ive seen cars pump water out the plug holes like a whale lol.

[]Timothy Markworth

Well, I already had my yearly catastrophe, so I bought a sub-$4000 Dodge Caliber because driving the world's least reliable Honda keeps the wallet empty like that.

As far as your CAI, I'd consider rigging in a bypass filter. It's definitely a massive risk to run your pod filter that low when driving through high water is a possibility.

[]Brandon Marquis

To be honest, it's never rained like this in Alabama in recent memory - rain forest level downpours. It's never been a problem. That's why I installed a CAI.

[]Brandon Marquis

Good idea. Thanks for the advice. Didn't know there was such a thing.

Brandon Marquis217 days ago

Testing my GoPro on my 2012 Cayman S BE for the first time.  You know that saying if a tree falls in the woods, and no one's there to hear it, does it make a sound?  This is what I felt driving the Cayman.  You can't see the spoiler auto-deploy in the rear-view mirror at speed.  Good for sight- lines, but the cool factor is gone.  So, I wanted to see if the spoiler was really doing

Brandon Marquis237 days ago

Meet my new 2012 Porsche Cayman S Black Edition.  I've been lusting over this car for years now and my life-long love of Porsche is finally realized.  I never dreamed of owning one growing up, but the used car market can sometimes grant us our greatest wishes.  BTW...I didn't intend of getting another black car - but everything else on this car was just right, so I had to pull the trigger.  At least it matches my RSX


[]Basir Khan


[]Rolando Petit

Nice! I want one too! Waiting to pay off my s2000... im going to beat in one in the middle of the month at Porsche Experience! Should be fun

[]Brandon Marquis

It will be a while til I get to joy ride in it and much later before I feel right taking it to the track. I don't want to jeopardize my warranty.

[]Rolando Petit

Yea well good thing about porsche experience is you get to romp on the track in their car! Haha!

[]Brandon Marquis


[]Rolando Petit

Well don't be haha! Owning vs $400 for 1.5hrs... may as well just buy one 😆

[]Brandon Marquis

LOL. True. I got that beat. Drove an Audi R8 at Exotics Racing in Vegas for 6 laps - about 6 minutes for around $200 - barely enough time to learn the track.

[]Rolando Petit

Nice! I wanted to do that. Maybe a little more time 😁

Brandon Marquis247 days ago

Tropical storm Cindy is giving the south east more rain than we need and flooding in many areas.  In related news, transport company dropped off my sports car today - in the rain.  Drove it 1/2 mile from local parking lot to my garage.  There it will sit for the next few days, cause Cindy said so    

Brandon Marquis259 days ago

There will be some paperwork and finance to complete, but I should be the proud owner of a new (used) sports car this month!  I'll wait to reveal until its sitting in my driveway, but all I can say now is the car is very different from the RSX (and its not a Honda)  

[]Basir Khan

Can't wait to see what it is!

Brandon Marquis271 days ago

Well...just normal Ebay sale that just happens to land on Memorial Day.  Props to all men and women in the armed forces.  You're doing stuff I wouldn't have the guts to do.  Anyone interested in random car stuff like heat wrap, winter windshield cover, or used spark plugs for super cheap...Or maybe some good used Honda/Acura stuff like brake lines, intake manifold, radiator, chain tensioner, rear wiper motor, differential, springs/retainers, front/rear brake rotors:

Brandon Marquis276 days ago This is a 60mm cat-back exhaust and is a great compliment to the Skunk2 Megapower race header I'm also selling.  Should get you 25 WHP when paired together and a tune.  Got a sound clip of what these two sound like together on my YouTube channel:

Brandon Marquis277 days ago This paired with my Fujitsubo exhaust netted me 25 WHP with a tune.  Great idea if you have a RSX Type-S and need good power for the money.  Here's what they sound like together:

Brandon Marquis277 days ago Great mod for some RSX, TSX, and Civics drivers with moderate bolt-ons and tune.  These injectors provide a better atomized fuel spray at 410cc and are Honda reliable.  These have served me well.  Free shipping!

Brandon Marquis286 days ago

Finally selling some of my used car parts to make room in my apartment.  These Toyo R888 R-Comp tires are great for track day or autocross and only driven 600 miles.  Brand new, a set of these can cost +$800.  See Ebay description for more details.  Free shipping anywhere in the continental US!


[]Justin Hodges

I would have bought these. Guess I should pay more attention to WW.

[]Justin Hodges

Did you sell these?

[]Brandon Marquis

Yes! Took a few weeks and pricey to ship, but they are gone! Too bad if you wanted these. I would much rather deliver them to you in B'ham than to ship.

[]Justin Hodges

We've been liking the RE71R but cant cure front wear. About to try more camber.

Brandon Marquis301 days ago

Back a few weeks from Star Wars Celebration.  Maybe another WheelWell member posted the cool SW theme cars, but here's what I found on the show floor:

Brandon Marquis383 days ago

Picked up my RSX from the dealer 13 years ago this month. For this car's 13th birthday, I decided to swap my track wheels for a new look. New Pilot SS wrapped around the wheels. You know what they say, "once you go black..."

Brandon Marquis394 days ago

Need some community help. I'm getting new tires for my black wheels and I can't find any local stores that would carry black wheel weights to balance. I know regular wheel weights will do, but I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. Tire Rack mounted and balanced the first set on these wheels and they put black wheel weights on, but my local tire shop does not have them. I checked Auto Zone and Advanced Auto Parts,

Brandon Marquis404 days ago

I think buying summer tires in the winter is a good idea. Michelin Pilot Super Sports are cheaper on Tire Rack now than in the summer. I'm getting mine in a week.

Brandon Marquis436 days ago

"ICON" - HD Adventure

Brandon Marquis486 days ago

Porsche and Nissan, doing the lord's work at Road Atlanta on Sunday.

Brandon Marquis509 days ago

K24 RSX at Barber 2016 - Music Video

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