291 Horsepower
283 Foot Pounds
Engine Size
1998 cc
Curb Weight
2590 lbs
20 MPGs
1/2 Cupholders
Rear Wheel Drive

After crashing my beloved Carol (my first and only car/s13 of 5 years), I searched for another s-chassis to satiate my automotive thirst. But this time, it would be in the form of a coupe to create distance from the hatch back body style that would haunt me. Weeks passed with no luck, but I was told by a friend of mine who worked at the body shop where Carol rested that there was word of another shell sitting dormant for years. Desperate for another s-chassis in my life, I agreed to consider this new prospect. It had been sitting for nearly 7 years in a barn collecting dust as a mere shell of the 500+hp monster it once was. It wasn't the couple I was looking for. It was another S13 hatchback so my reservations were high. But it had a well done paint job in a teal color I had never seen on this car before. With a professional paint job on the interior as well, you could tell this chassis was once meticulously taken care of. It was completely gutted down to metal which meant there was no interior expect for a replica bride seat and a dash. Even the steering wheel was just a vice grip latched to the steering column. It was rough and missing a lot as a shell, but it rolled. That was all I needed. After months of long days, late nights, and the help of my friends, we finally got the Teal 240 running. But I still wasn't in love with the car yet. There was still a lot to do before I could fall in love again. And that's what I've been working on for the past 2 years. Slowly working out the small details that really make this build. I've been coming around to her and even affectionately name her Stella. This car was built to be a daily driver, but hopefully someday soon, she will see the track. There's a lot in store for this car, so stay tuned amd see where this car takes us. If you'd like to follow this car on other social media platforms such as YouTube, just search BTaylored.

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