846 HP
728 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3000 LB
Engine Size
5.9 L
Transmission Type

Since I was about 12 years old I had my eyes set on my grandfathers 1990 GMC c1500 pickup, it was a rusty pile, but I fell in love with it, ever since I saw it I would tell him that if he ever wanted to sell it I would want to be the first in line to buy, and the time came when I was 15 years old, he was selling the truck he only used it to run to the garbage dump and home maybe twice or three times a year, I ended up buying it off of him for $300 and brought it home. At first I only wanted to replace what was rusty and drive it when I turned 16, so I got my first job at a restaurant and started earning money to go towards parts for the truck. It had rust everywhere on the body, the only reason it was hidden is because of the layers and layers of house paint on it all. The first parts I bought for the truck were two front fenders which would replace the rusted out ones that were on the truck previously, then came a new bed I found for sale on the Internet, then doors, rocker panels, floor boards, outer roof she'll, roll pan, grille, hood, tail gate handle relocator, and some accessories for the interior, but I still wasn't happy with my progress, if you make a truck look nice, it better run nice to back it up. So I tore out the gutless 5.0l 305cui small block, and replaced it with a race ready block, forged aluminum Pistons, edelbrock street and strip heads, performer intake manifold, lumpy comp cam, comp roller rockers, comp timing gears, msd performance coil, distributor and wires, e3 diamond fire spark plugs, and on went the original 5.0l throttle body, on a bored 355 small block it is just to restrictive... So eventually I want to throw on a Holley dominator carb, and a 200 shot of nitrous to boost the already powerful 5.8l Chevy... I have done all the body work, engine work, electrical, welding, exhaust, and paint myself, with the help of some family and friends here and there, but the truck is almost to the point where I can drive it, then tinker and tune for maximum smiles per gallon with that engine setup, I hope to eventually throw a limited slip differential or a posi into it, ladder bars, and a lowering kit, but that will all come with time and a lot more money, but not a bad start considering it started out as a worthless $300 piece of scrap metal with rust and 4 tires, and a high school kid with the only budget being his part time paycheques... 

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Awesome truck

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