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[]Brendan Garst

Sure thing. Just pay attention to ebay, you can get open box Parrot Classics for the 110-130 range. Sealed box units are selling over $300 since they were discontinued (yikes!)

[]Brendan Garst

I have used it in 4 cars (Coupe, Quattro, Delorean, Bitter) and regret not using it in the Celica (2Din). It totally works for me. V1 firmware is HORRID, if you get one update it immediately to the most recent firmware bundle, they are phenomenal heads once brought up to speed.

[]William Thieme

How do you like the Asteroid Classic? I've looked at it online a few times but always worried that the interface will be a mess like so many aftermarket 'smart' headunits. I might hold out for wider availability of Android Auto but the single-DIN form factor is really tempting here.