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I bought my car in 1995 as a 90 Toyota Celica GTS with 54,000 miles on it and 185000 miles in 2003 I did a 3sgte swap kept it front wheel drive stock everything and then in 2005 and made the car all wheel drive at this point in time the car went from 17.2 second quarter mile down to a 15.7 at 97 MPH front-wheel drive and then 14.2 at 97 mph when it was all wheel drive stock. then I upgraded a bunch of stuff got it into the Low 13's shrunk my Turbo and added water methanol and got it to run low 12s and fastest pass to date is 12.1 at 119. 7mph. It makes 434 horse and 387 foot pounds of torque on race gas and gets 28 miles to the gallon if im really nice to it while making 404/355 on pump gas 92 octane

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