217 HP
203 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2182 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
13 PSI

Bought the car back in 2008. It came from a single owner that bought the car new when they were 16. Car is completely DIY paint and all. When I got the car it ran great but badly needed paint. It had a bad Mako paint job that was dull from the sun and chipping off in thick chunks. I sanded it all down and fixed some small dents before painting it flat black with rattle cans just to get some paint on the car. It sat that way for about 8 years. I did enjoy the ratrod or I guess ratroaster look of it but finally decided to give it some proper paint. Spent a few months prepping and painting it to turn it into the car you see today. At this point I had a few mods on the car like intake, exhaust, springs, struts, and leather interior parts. The car sat like that for a while until 2020 when I finally got the money together to go turbo. I did it completely DIY piece by piece. First was getting an ECU in the car. Of course I couldn't just buy an ECU, that would be to easy and to expensive for me. I bought a DIY MegaSquirt from DIY AutoTune and soldered it all together. It even worked on the first try! I mean there were some issues to sort out but nothing that had to do with the ECU itself. I was kind of amazed as this was my first real journey into tuning/electrical systems on a car. After I got it stable and running I installed a bigger fuel pump and injectors, got the tune corrected and then moved to coil on plug and also enabled sequential injection. Just upgrading one part at a time tuning as I went along. The engine was finally turbo ready but the car had the weak 1.6 4.30 open diff. Got a Torsen 4.10 installed (kind of wish I went for the 3.90 instead) finally the car was ready. Installed the turbo along with the Flyin' Miata coolant reroute kit. Took it out for some tuning and couldn't believe that the car made over 200hp. I assumed the waste gate that came with the turbo would be about 8lbs but instead I was shocked to see it's more like 13! The power was fun but had zero traction on old stock size tires. In came the 15x9's with big sticky tires to save the day. Now that it hooks it's even more fun! The plan now it to get it on the road course for some track days and have an extremely fun mostly comfortable car that could be daylied if I want to.

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