255 HP
245 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3109 LB
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

This is my 06 WRX conversion. Its basically Stock. So far I have a catback exhasut, K&N airbox filter and a Down-pipe that I have yet to install. The car was originally a TS which means it was a 1.5l non turbo. Where I live all cars are Japnese spec. The suspension is STI Shocks and springs. Brakes are WRX 4POT infront with DBA slotted rotors and the back are the 2POT, all with Hawk Pads. I upgraded the rims to 18x8.5 with 225/45R18. The Gearbox is the WRX 5 speed and I recently upgraded the clutch to the Exedy Stage 1 HD(clutch and pressure plate) and just to mention an Aluminum STI bonnet. Its my daily so the mods are conservative. The car should be making close to stock around 230HP. Other mods are cosmetic: Morimoto HIDS and I painted the housing black, S204 replica front lip, and I removed the STI spoiler. Future plans are a Water/Meth Kit and a tune, possibly better rims and i'm still deciding over coils or lowering springs. We'll see what happens... UPDATE AUG15 : Did alot of work in July as I decided to go all out and probably start to enjoy the car. The list of things done are as follows: - Tanabe GF210 Springs for the 06 STI. (Perfect match for my shocks. Big difference in the handling including sharpness. The ride is much stiffer now so maybe just a little bit of an inconvenience).  - Dunlop DZ102 235/45R18. No complaints so far. seem to be able to handle everything I throw at them. -Bell Mouth Downpipe. This made a big difference with throttle response. everything they say about these cars and replacing the downpipe is true. I heat Wrapped it myself with DEI heat wrap.  - AEM Wideband (cause I got it Tuned) - Grimmspeed EBCS  -Tuned by a local tuner (Ryan Seepersad). Now pushing 18psi on stock turbo.  - Small aesthetics ( plastidiped the wheels in blue black, painted calipers with VHT gold, Subaru heat resistant decals on calipers, Gold Sick speed lug nuts, replaced the front center grill which cracked).  - I got the STI roof vane spoiler but my mechanics convinced me not to drill the roof, so I used double sided tape. Big mistake (I know it was kinda dumb. I didn't put much much thought into it). It split and flew off the car while we were doing the road tune. Luckily it didn't hit anybody but bothered me nonetheless cause of the work my gf and I put in to painting it. I'm going to replace it though and do it the right way this time.  MARCH 2016 Cus co Zero 2 Coilovers installed! Huge Difference in handling and alot more comfortable than the lowering springs.  Future Plans : -STI injectors as the ones I have now are maxed to 92% duty cycle.  -AEM Water/Meth -Anything else after that makes no sense to me other than just buying an STI.  

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