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I'm just a Lot Tech for a Larry H. Miller Ford dealership. Love cars, will soon be all about that Stance life.

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My To Do/Maybe? List: Cold Air Rouche Intake CP-E FMIC Cobb stage 2 MBRP catted downpipe Injen 3' w

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I don't see why you should get the radiator. The rest of the items sound like a pretty standard and effective recipe for making that Focus even faster. Those are cool cars, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, even before it's new parts.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I think that if you're not going to do a track day then getting an upgraded radiator would be a waste of your funds. If you do want to improve the cooling there are a few products made that mix in with your coolant to help it work better (products like water-wetter, purple ice, etc). I've used the purple ice in the past with good results.

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Well back to my original plan: Plan B, so I've been working for Larry H. Miller Ford since the begi

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Well, I've found two Nissan 370z's that are well within my price range in terms of monthly payments

[]Kit Lau

Both excellent choices. What's the mileage on them?

[]Brian Heckler Jr.

They're both under 40K miles with the Touring at 36K and the Nismo at 32K, but turns out the insurance is a mind blowing premium for me so the dream of owning a Z will have to wait.

[]Kit Lau

oh that's a bummer :( Put it under your mom's name for insurance! HA!

[]Jordan Shuster

Woo, Z squad! Finding the perfect car is an arduous but rewarding process. Best of luck, man!

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I'm hoping I can get a 370z here soon, I have the money to afford a 2014+ model even a Nismo, but I

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The most awkward pedals.

Anyone who drives a non SE/SEL Ford Focus would know how awkward the brake and gas pedals are. But

[]Ernie Szots

I feel your pain. I don't heal toe, but with how close my accelerator is to the center column vs. how far away the brake and clutch pedals are to it, and each other, it would be...challenging.

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Trying to get this center piece to wrap it

So I have a piece of carbon fiber wrap that my buddy gave me to use it on whatever. It's the perfec