360 HP
240 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2125 LB
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual

 Honda Tuning Feature Feburary 2010 2014 SCCA ProSolo Season Championship, SMF 2015 SCCA Prosolo Season Championship, SMF 2015 SCCA Solo National Champion, SMF

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[]John Ma

Wow. What a magnificent machine.

[]Kit Lau

I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of things you've done to the steering/suspension parts list alone. Well done.

[]Alex Yonehara

That machine looks tough, I bet it goes as fast as it looks. Excellent job!

[]Nick Fisher

I don't think there's a trade-off between function and style at all - nothing looks better on a car than mods that actually make your car faster. Swoopy, fiddly 'aero' kits that just increase weight and drag, fart cannon exhausts that are too big for the motor, vents that go nowhere... they just make you look like a poseur. I'd rather stay stock.

Show me a plain but functional, lightweight aero mod and a slotted (but not drilled) rotor and I know you're serious - and that -looks- good.

[]Nick Fisher

And of course I mean that the latter part of my comment applies to this car :)

[]Mitchell Apex hunter

The best philosophy in a car and you've executed it perfectly. I'm hoping that my next car will be the same.

[]Ryan Brenner

Form follows function indeed! That thing looks entirely badass. Do you still drive it on the street? 360HP stuffed under the hood a FWD car doesn't seem like it would mesh well with stop and go traffic!

[]Darin Colvey

Exceptionally nice CRX, which there were more of these cars still on the road or as in your case, the race track.

[]Andrew Johnson

Very nice!

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