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Currently building my 1991 British Racing Green Miata into a classy track roadster.

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Brian Nguyen4 days ago

Here's how a summarized breakdown of how to make a leather door pull strap. Images that kind of go through the process will be found down below. I missed a few steps along the way but from the materials and tool list and the pictures, you should be able to make sense of it. If you're interested in buying a set, headover to here: Hoping that in the future, I'll be able to sell them here on

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Brian Nguyen19 days ago

Here's a more up to date look I recently took at Radwood NorCal when we rolled in with some the @wheelwell friends. Saw lots of awesome cars, got sunburnt and helped out @willywongka87 with his sweet Miata. Go check it out if you haven't peeped it yet. #1991BRG #miata #carporn #radwoodnorcal #forthebuild


[]Ernie Szots


[]Brian Nguyen

Thank you!

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Brian Nguyen22 days ago

It's a Reproduction weight Nardi Teardrop shift knob in a high gloss finish. Item has the exact same dimensions as the genuine discontinued Nardi knob. Fits any Miata shifter or anything with M10x1.25 thread pitch. #carporn #forthebuild #miata #mx5 #eunos #roadster

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Brian Nguyen31 days ago

If you're trying to find more frequent posts, head over to The newsfeed takes you to #carporn by default. Tip: When you make a post, add a hashtag #forthebuild or #carporn and get more people seeing your stuff! Super tip: Share your post on reddit and get people coming over to look at your whole garage. SUPER DUPER TIP: Sell your car and get an NA miata.

[]James Glaser

lol @ the NA bit

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Brian Nguyen31 days ago

Threw some design ideas together to hype up for the upcoming #Radwood #norcal event. Are any of you come out to the event? #forthebuild #miata #miataisalwaystheanswer

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Brian Nguyen35 days ago