M42 model
G250 5spd model
E21 LSD model
Rust BHP
oh dang, snap

https://www.youtube.com/embed/SY5aSHsYzB8 Engine: 130k mile E36 M42 swapped Transmission: E36 G250 5 speed Transmission Differential: E21 LSD Round converted from square lights Has custom fitted Legacy gauges Seats from a Prelude Side mirrors from a Porsche 914 Swaybar from an E36 Front spoiler from a MK1 GTI KYB shocks 3/4 floor pans have been replaced.(I have metal for the last patch.) Springs are cut Kill switch Switches to fuel pump, fan, and push button for starter Battery located to the rear Doors don’t lock but you can pull the locks from the parts car. Window is cracked slightly in the corner. Paint is okay and subjective to the individual. There was a cage in it before but no longer is there a cage.

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Brian Nguyen88 days ago

The M42 swapped e10 that you see here is my previously owned Frankenstein of a car that I picked up from South SF out the of pure desire for owning another one. It has seats from a Honda Prelude, a front spoiler from a Volkswagen MK1 GTI, and side mirrors from a Porsche 914. Other things mods like the modified dash piece with Legacy gauges that Aviel, a buddy of mine, helped with. My favorite part being the

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