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Do bmw e46 lower control-arms really need to be replaced every few years???

[]Hayden Baker

One option to consider is replacing the bushings that are most likely to go wrong with polyurethane. Thats what I'm doing on my E39 540i to avoid having to replace them again. It really wont be that nticeable a difference fro driving comfort, but it will last way longer than rubber and can be cheaper depending on where you buy from.

[]Brockmo Peters

I replaced the bushings and now the outer ball joints are bad. They are a non-servicable part and the entire control needs to be replaced!

[]Hayden Baker

I hate when they make things nonserviceable

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I've heard of this being a thing but it's been a few years since I have been around people who drove these cars. I bet someone makes a set of control arms with spherical bearings which should last a lot longer than conventional bushings but will make your car vibrate more. Do you have to change them every couple of years? That will be up to you, how you drive, and what type of lower control arms you buy.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Depending on your cars mileage and what brand control arms/bushings you replace them with you may have to every few years. I replaced the LCA bushings on the front of my 328i with some super cheap bushings and less than a year later they needed to be replaced again. DO yourself a favor and spend the extra cash to make sure you use a good quality part as a replacement.