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Okay guys and gals. I’m looking for a coolant thermostat for my Honda Del Sol. Has anyone replaced

[]Sebastian Nounou

They're so cheap and simple, it really doesn't matter what brand you go with. I would stick with the OEM temperature though.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I haven't replaced one on a Del Sol, but I have on a few Civics and Preludes. I'd recommend going with either the Gates or Stant brand of thermostat if you can get them and go with the OEM temperature. Any brand name thermostat should work well but those 2 are the best for them.

[]Brooke Throneberry

I ended up going with some German brand. That still hasn’t fixed the issue, unfortunately. I also replaced the radiator this morning. Still no fix. 😢

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Is it overheating? It could be that the water pump is bad too. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to check your oil and make sure that the coolant isn't getting into it and eliminate the possibility of it being a bad head gasket

[]Brooke Throneberry

My money is on the water pump at this point. I’ve replaced everything else that I possibly could. Realized today that coolant hasn’t been flowing at all for quite some time now. It’s quite frustrating, but it’s better to find out the way I did than to just let the car blow up at some point on the autobahn. Don’t need that happening...