174 HP
125 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2381 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
27/31 MPG

Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? My first car was an AE101 Corolla (red) which was pretty much a beater until I worked on restoring it and upgrading a few components bolt ons. I am a wrench because of this car, the simplicity and common sense approach this car was engineered with made it rewarding and fun to work on.  It was an automatic and had the 7A-FE great little torquey motor don't get me wrong but my eyes were set on the 4A-GE Blacktop 20 valve especially with the 6 speed it comes with. I loved my first car for more than just sentimental reasons the time this model was made was the Golden era of Japanese cars even down to their cheaper models their quality tricked down especially this model, the chief engineer tried making a "mini Lexus" and it's very apparent in terms of build quality and comfort. But since this car is so light and it's so analogue its very enjoyable to throw around a very good beginner's car. I look crazy to most people but this is why I bought another Corolla that had the very engine and transmission I was looking for, this drivetrain is just what I felt my first car ever needed, and it's the most fun you can get out of a 90s corolla.

Discuss this build

[]Manders C

Hey bro I’m fond of your build very nicely executed.. here in the US Corollas are underrated asf .. I got a couple questions tho is the 4age motor only jdm? I got a corolla myself looking to do sum mods to it

[]Daniel Melendez

I had a hunch this was that one corolla from one take! I absolutely love it!

[]Mohamed Hamoud

To do this swap of course you need engine, harness and ecu anything else?

[]Bryan Gari

That's pretty much it honestly what car are you swapping it into?

[]Mohamed Hamoud

97 corolla wagon

[]Joost Van Dien

Oeeeh you can use these cars. Unbreakable engines!

[]Lairex Rai

love the one take video of your car. didn't know about the rear disc conversion from the Lexus.

[]Irvin Zen

Sweet looking Rolla, man! I dig it.

[]Simon Gelinas

Loving the ton of jdm parts in your build, these Japanese econoboxes don't often enough get this kind of love & attention. Kudos!

[]Bryan Gari

Thank you! Yeah I'm really dedicated to my build and I'm planning to keep it for as long as I can and gain these cars some recognition🙂

[]Hector Armenta

question on the rear brake conversion...
was there any cutting or welding or was it a direct bolt on ? same question for the front mr2 breaks. thank you

[]Bryan Gari

No only drilling new 4x100 bolt pattern on rear rotors and in not sure about the MR2 I don't own one

[]Hector Armenta

wow, that's awesome. thats alot easier then i expected
thanks for the info!

[]Bryan Gari

Lol it really is! You won't regret the upgrade

[]Simon Gelinas

Hey got a notification your car is up for a one take bro, can't wait to watch!

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