220 HP
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type

Bought in 09 if I remember correctly. Had to make a choice this year as the engine was consuming almost 2 quarts of oil per full tank of gas. Went around to some dealerships looking at ~09 options but everything now a days in my price range are low powered automatic 4 bangers and nothing really screamed at me "I'm worth ditching your beloved wagon for". The body on my 6 was in good shape so decided to spend the cash on a engine rebuild. Rebuilt engine, removed the problematic 4 catalytic converters and replaced with msds headers and single cat setup, excedy clutch and flywheel, and added a cold air intake. She is quite fun to drive again. Future work needed is new coils/plugs and coil overs. And one day some legit black rims ;).

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