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homepage tile photo for New wheels
New wheels

Just ordered my wheels in summit racing 15×10s

[]Terrell Zeigler

What is the weight per rim on these?

[]Andrew Johnson


homepage tile photo for V6 swap
V6 swap

So tiburon is getting tranny fixed and i started thinking what if i did a v6 Tiburon swap on my 1.8

homepage tile photo for Wheels

So since el tibby is in the shop getting tranny replaced decided its time for the wheels but stuck

[]Jeff Bowman

I like the top two! Big fan of black wheels myself!

[]Levi Spaans

Those wheels look amazing. Damn man

[]Bryan Ramos

Going with the first thanks guys

[]Peter J Nielsen

I like the top one!

[]Ernie Szots

I'm feeling the first one.

homepage tile photo for 2.0 swap
2.0 swap

So decided to do a 2.0 swap in my 1.8 so i went to the junk yard found the motor once we got home w