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Of the 3995 1991 British Racing Green Miatas, this one is #3900 of the 3995. It's a 1991 British Racing Green Miata that looks track ready but with another turn of the neck as it passes, you notice that the car is built to look like the British roadsters it was designed from. It's a daily driver car that I constantly work on and plan to keep til I die. Here are some mods it currently has but you can checkout my installed parts for more detail: Gates timing belt Gates water pump. All standard maintenance items.. Cxracing radiator Silicon Coolant hoses Suspension technique coilovers: 7 kgf/mm [391 lb/in] front 6 kgf/mm [335 lb/in] rear spring rates. Racing beat front and rear sway bar Racing beat endlinks 1.8 brakes Front Brakes conversion Stop tech pads oem rotors Evil genius rollbar Momo Indy steering wheel "Not a joyfast" shift knob 5xracing shifter rebuild Nrg quick release Battery killswitch Electric radiator fan replacement HID light conversion Tow hooks installed front and rear Additional fender turn signals added AC partial removal Enkei RPF1s 15x7 35mm offset Dunlop Direzza 205/50-15 Cut rear bumper to reduce drag small lip spoiler added to trunk

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homepage tile photo for 3D Printed Retro Gauge Cluster
3D Printed Retro Gauge Cluster

I know I'm not the only one who's wanted the KG Works cluster but was sad that it's no longer in pr

[]Liz Schellhorn

Really neat! Well done

[]Daniel Mraz

Looks hella good to me! Love the fabrication

[]Bry Nguyen

Thank you!!

homepage tile photo for Tutorial: How to make a leather pull strap
Tutorial: How to make a leather pull strap

Here's how a summarized breakdown of how to make a leather door pull strap. Images that kind o

[]James Glaser

Looks awesome, when I do my doors I'll be back!

homepage tile photo for Reproduction Weighted Nardi Mahogany Shift knob
Reproduction Weighted Nardi Mahogany Shift knob

It's a Reproduction weight Nardi Teardrop shift knob in a high gloss finish. Item has the exact sam

homepage tile photo for Miata Rear Bumper repainted at home | DIY
Miata Rear Bumper repainted at home | DIY

Here's the end result first to show you that it went well! I have had my car bumped into a handful

[]Andrew Johnson

Wow, that looks great! I think I know someone who will hire you for similar bumper paint work... :-) wheelwell.com/skylar-siegel/2tr3/1990-volkswagen-corrado

[]Kit Lau

I am very impressed

[]Jonny Mill

Nice work!

homepage tile photo for Check out the new dash piece
Check out the new dash piece

I hand-wove this leather dash piece. It's a 2oz lamb hide and is only a prototype for me to see how

homepage tile photo for The Mountain Climbing Underdog
The Mountain Climbing Underdog

I designed a small graphic for the first miata that I owned and my girlfriend created an embroider

homepage tile photo for Miata Wooden Dash Panel |  Retro Build
Miata Wooden Dash Panel | Retro Build

Today, I start the dash panel V3 for the Miata! Stay tuned for more. Got some updated pictures adde

Discuss this build

[]Mike Van Esch

Hey, what offset are those RPF1's? Did you need to roll your fenders?

[]Brian Nguyen

The offset is 35 and I didn't have to roll my fenders for this. The fenders were already rolled from a previous wheel set but this one shouldn't require it. I have a couple buddies who run the same wheel setup as I do without rolling
They are the same one as this:

[]Matthew McCracken

NA Miatas are litty bitty!!!

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