Solo-Werks S1VW011 Coilovers

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Solo-Werks S1VW011 Coilovers






These coilovers are awesome! I read many reviews on this product before purchasing, and all I saw were 5 stars. Do not be afraid of the low price! The quality on every component is top notch, and competitive with thousand dollar coilovers (like H & Rs). The ride quality is nice and stiff, exactly what you would want in sport suspension. There is also a noticeable difference in cornering and handling as well. I have no complaints whatsoever with these coilovers.




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San Clemente Highschool


Me, Will, Clay, Josh, and Zach


This install was pretty tricky. You will need a lot of time and an idea of what you are doing. I would recommend doing the rear coilovers first, as they are the easiest. For the rears you will need to drop the control arm, as well as remove the fender lining. When you move to the fronts you will need multiple specialty tools. If you go to VWVortex (a VW forum) there is a post with all the parts needed. First disconnect the sway bar end link. After that you will need to take out the axle bolt from the caliper, and remove the front portion of the axle from the brake assembly. Push the axle to the side. Once this is done you can start on the strut. First use a specialty strut spreader after removing the bottom strut bolt. Then you will need to use a mallet to hammer the spindle off the strut. I tried using multiple fluids including brake fluid to loosen the strut. After, remove the old suspension assembly and remove the top hat from the old strut. Now you are ready to repeat the process in reverse. Good luck!

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