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        This is my 86 mr2 turbo. I got the car with 107k on it and drove it for a few k before boosting it. Now its got a 1989 jdm 4agze with a turbo swapped from a saab 95 aero ( td04hl-15t) running standalone diypnp ecu. All work was done by me Parts so far: 1989 4agze td04hl-15t diypnp ms2 w2a intercooler with bosch cobra pump 3 inch catless dp/exhaust with at3030 muffler 2.5 in intercooler piping with cone filter CAI 365cc injectors largeport intake with tvis electronic boost control (10 psi for dd) stage 3+act sprung 6 puck. 10 row oil cooler bunch of gauges morimoto d2s 3.0 retrofit with morimoto xb rgb halos fiberglass/CF engine cover/deck/whatever its called v1 egr delete short shifter kit bunch of little things here and there

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